When paths cross

This article is cross posted from the PEP, Inc. website. There are times in life when paths cross.  As many of you may know, among my greatest interests are both process improvement (my ‘day job’) and my family (not just those living but also including my past, meaning my ‘genealogy’). Well, yesterday was one of(…)

Altpreussische Monatsschrift (von 1864 bis 1913)

Altpreußische Monatsschrift (original most source materials located here – here – here) hrsg. unter Mitwirkung der Königlichen Deutschen Gesellschaft zu Königsberg und des Vereins für die Geschichte Ost- und Westpreußens. – Königsberg, Pr. : Thomas & Oppermann Abkürzungstitel: APM. – Digitalisiert von Google Books. – ZDB-ID: 506912-9. APM Register 1-40, bearb. von Max Perlbach (1905)(…)

Les anabaptistes à Montbéliard

Léopold-Eberhardt leur confie ses propriétés (original source article) Le Duc de Wurtemberg reignant sur le Pays de Montbéliard en ce début de XVIIIème siècle était particulièrement controversé : il était un séducteur invétéré, courtisant des femmes sans titre avec qui il aura une vingtaine d’enfants.  Tenant à les doter, il rachète voire confisque des terres à(…)

How I came over from [Zeyer] Germany

An “old neighbor” from Zeyer, Karl Jochem (deceased), whose descendants now live in the US, wrote the following school assignment, after his arrival in the US in the early 1900s. Because most of my stories are from the period immediately after the Second World War, I thought our readership might enjoy this tale of adventure(…)

Zeyer ev. Kirche

Welcome to our small collection of Zeyer ev. Kirche photos. Dates from many of the older photos are uncertain… they span the distant past to those of today’s ruins. This church, which no longer stands, is where generations of my Senger and Recht forebears were baptised, married, and buried (1754-1945). If you have any photos(…)

The Elbing Streetcars return

Der historische Straßenbahnwagen stehen wieder auf dem Alten Markt in Elbing/Elblag. (The historical streetcars are once again in the Elbing/Elblag Old Market.) Click on the following photo to view a live webcam feed of the Old Elbing/Elblag Market.

Grete geb. Roschkowski & Hannelore geb. Petroschka- Remembrances of Elbing

Hannelore Petroschka and Grete geb. Roschkowski were among the tens of thousands of Germans forcibly removed from their home by the German Expulsion – “Ethnic Cleansing” of  Elbing/Elblag following World War 2. In March of 2013, I was contacted by Hannelore’s grand-daughter who wrote: My Grandmother Hannelore was born in Elbing [West Prussia] in 1923(…)

Elbing Damals- new photos

For those of you who might be interested in viewing my latest batch of Elbing “Damals” Photos. (Fals Sie interesse darueber haben, hier sind meine lezte Elbing Damals Fotos) The following images were added today (Die folgende Fotos sind jetzt auf ManyRoads): Alte Giebelhaeuser Alte Haeuser Spieringstrasse circa1935 Alter Markt circa 1935 Blick auf St.(…)

Anabaptist-Mennonite DNA project participation

As many of you may have already guessed, our families and ancestries are crowded with Mennonite and Amish peoples- Anabaptists. For years, we knew of the Rich (Henss Family Branch)  connections to the Swiss- Elsass/Alsace,  Montbeliard/ Bern communities. More recently, we have come to understand quite a bit of the Senger (Rabideau Family Branch) connections(…)

Past to future

Over the past few weeks, I have been mulling over the significance of history, war, and the ravages of time.  Quite the happy thoughts I know. I suppose this stream of consciousness was initiated by my review of some photos from my mother’s family church in Zeyer, Westpreussen, in what is today Poland.  Then today(…)

Die Wedhorn Vertreibung (Expulsion)

Note:  This account is the product of numerous discussions, interviews and writings between Frieda geboren Wedhorn, her son Norbert Grohmann, and Mark Rabideau.  Every effort has been made to remain true to the intent, content and events of this life altering time. During the days preceding Frieda geboren Wedhorn’s capture and deportation by the Soviets,(…)

Prussian Mennonite Research Materials

As many of you may know, my Recht family line (Hermann Recht’s family) has strong roots within what was once the Mennonite Community resident near the former Elbing and Marienburg, Westpreussen. As I conduct my Prussian Mennonite family genealogical research, this page will evolve and develop into something a bit more robust. I am using(…)

Hinaus in die Ferne

It probably bears mention that my grandmother- Frieda Senger- was a woman of many verses.  So given that my most recent visits with my mother have involved hearing a particular verse frequently; I thought I’d preserve it for posterity, especially since it is a verse I never heard while growing up.  It’s a lively little(…)

Heimatortskartei gets personal

Almost all ManyRoads readers know that my mother’s family was among those expelled by the allies from the the former German Eastern province of West Prussia following World War 2.  Today, I had the great honor to read and view the Heimatortskartei records of my relatives and their friends/ neighbors.  I have placed the images(…)

Mennonite Histories of West Prussia

The links on this page have been sourced from the Prussian Mennonite Genealogy Resources site. I have rearranged the original links and grouped them for my convenience. Please note, these materials are used without permission because there was no copyright notice or location from which to request usage permission. All ownership and rights of this(…)

Danzig- Westpreussen (West Prussia) Heimatortskartei

For those wishing to gain access to photographic images of the actual Heimatortskartei from the towns, cities & villages which were near what used to be Danzig in West Prussia, they are available on FamilySearch. (LINK to Danziger Gebiet (Area ) Westpreussen (West Prussia) Heimatortskartei). These represent images of a civil register (handwritten and printed(…)

Worse than War

In keeping with our emphasis on die Vertreibung and Ethnic Cleansing, we recommend you either view Daniel Jonah Goldhagen’s documentary “Worse Than War” or read his book of the same title. To quote Dr. Goldhagen: (source website) I hope that you choose to have a look at it. Whether or not you end up agreeing(…)

“Dit” Names

The use of Dit names in French Canada (Bas Canada) is both very common and confusing.  Currently, I am working with another Deyo cousin to attempt to unravel yet another Deyo mystery. This part of my family line is now being reworked for the fourth time!  I think I might be getting good at it.(…)

Flucht aus Polen

They said, the war was over. Still, the suffering continued. They were hungry. Alone. Afraid. Father had never come home, from Stalingrad. Brother, an infant, was dead. Home was gone, given to others. Of the family, Mother and the two sisters survived. They had their fear, their lives, their uncertainty, and each other. Mutti had(…)

Political Debate about the Center Against Expulsion in Berlin (ARD)

Political Debate about the Center Against Expulsion in Berlin. Flucht und Vertreibung – Eskaliert der deutsch-polnische Zoff? (ARD Anne Will’s political talk show) Unfortunately, it is not easy or simple to find factual information about controversial subjects like die Vertreibung (the Expulsion). We extend our sincerest appreciation to all our readers who have shared their(…)

Zeyer- the end

Recollections of an officer of the chief administrative district in Zeyer. Johannes Jahn, farmer and farm owner in Zeyersvorderkampen. see original document This document has been translated and reworked with additional family history by Mark Rabideau. The District of Zeyer was located in the northeast corner of the Free State of Danzig, in the area(…)

Deutsche Mundarten- German Language

The maps on this page indicate where various European German speaking peoples lived prior to the German Expulsions (Vertreibung) post-World War 2. Auf deutsch * Beschreibung: Darstellungskarte der deutschen Mundarten im Jahre 1937. Daneben werden auch die Dialektgebiete in Holland und Belgien angeführt, die in der deutschen Sprachwissenschaft noch bis 1945 als Teil des deutschen(…)

Papatschen Käserei (Meierei)

In Zeyervorderkampen during and before World War 2, there was a small Käserei (Meierei) Dairy that was owned, all or in part, by Richard Senger. Based upon maps and analysis of the region (today Kepiny Male) by Rainer Glodde-Mueller during his 2010 journey to the area, it is believed that the following photos are what remains(…)

Deutsche Musik mit Humor (sampler #2)

The songs on this page are from the early 20th Century Germany (pre-World War 2) and have intriguing titles! Mein Papagei frisst keine harten Eier (My parrot does not eat hard boiled eggs) Ich fahr mit meiner Klara in die Sahara (I drive with my Clara through the Sahara) Tante Paula liegt im Bett und(…)

Sudeten Vertreibung- Sudeten German Expulsion

“Töten auf Tschechisch” Zwei Tage nach Kriegsende treiben tschechische Milizen deutsche Bewohner Prags mit brutaler Gewalt aus der Stadt. Es ist der Beginn der Vertreibung fast aller Deutschen aus der Tschechoslowakei. Mehr Information von diesem ZDF Film.  Hintergrunde and der DVD. This film details the history surrounding the expulsion of Germans from Prague, the Sudetenland(…)

Deutsche Musik (Sampler)

Popular German Music – Deutsche Musik. We are building this sampler collection and hope to add more music as we find it. It is our plan to add tunes from the 1920′s, 30′s, and 40′s. Over the longer term, we hope to build a similar collection for US tunes as well. Newly added 28 Dec(…)

Kriegsweihnacht- War Christmas

I have attempted to present videos offering the music and feeling of WW2 Christmases in Germany. It is, as you might imagine, very difficult to find films that are not extremely propaganda oriented. Those presented here are more oriented to the music and mood of the time and less towards the propaganda, which is what(…)

Alte Kriegslieder

Songs from the 2 World Wars. Kriegslieder aus die zwei Weltkriegen. Related Deutsche Musik (Sampler) Deutsche Musik mit Humor Zur erinnerung an unseren gefallenen 1914-1918 Einsam im Walde Ich hatt’ einen Kamaraden Es war ein Edelweiss Erika

Battle of Verdun 1916

This set of films documents the Battle of Verdun in which Richard Senger fought, was wounded and earned an Iron Cross 2nd Class. He served in the Prussian (German) Artillery. This is the same area where Adolf Senger was killed and is buried. World War I: Battle Of Verdun 1/4 World War I: Battle Of(…)

Der Zerstörung Elbings… das Ende 1945

Und keine hat den Sieger begrüßt…. (and no one welcomed the victors) The destruction of Elbing (West Prussia).. the end 1945. 1945- Der Zerstoerung Elbings | The Destruction of Elbing Videos: (videos may load slowly) Der Zerstörung Elbings Sowjetische Nachrichten über das Ende Elbings Eroberung Elbings- 1945 Images: Elbing After the Destruction 1945 Marienburg Damals Ost(…)

Christmas… and another war

For some reason Christmas, this year, reminds me of WW1. I know it shouldn’t. I have no idea why I am reminded of WW1- perhaps it is because I have been doing a lot of genealogy and I spend a lot of time thinking about the past. And, the past always reminds me of my(…)

Ethnic Cleansing Discussion Groups

Recently a new Internet Expulsion (Ethnic Cleansing) Discussion Group opened its doors for business.  If you are interested in learning more about, or are researching, the European Ethnic Cleansings of the 20th Century as described below, these groups may be of interest. Hopefully the discussions will remain constructive as well as informative. The European-Expellees Expellees(…)

Wasserstrasse, Elbing

On the 22nd of October, 2010, I received an email from a long-time (since 1762) family friend (more on that later). Rainer and his family were in Poland looking at the alte Heimatland. AND… they had been to visit the street where my mother lived as a teenager with her Onkel Robert and Tante Olga.(…)

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