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27 Jan 1945 - Survivors of Auschwitz are shown during the first hours of the concentration camp's liberation by soldiers of the Soviet army, January 27, 1945. Manfred Pohl, a Deutsche Bank historian, said February 4 that Germany's largest bank, Deutsche Bank AG, lent funds to firms involved in the building of the World War Two camp. An estimated 1.5 million people were killed in the camp during World War Two. Photo by B. Fishman-Corbis-Bettmann REUTERS
Survivors of Auschwitz during the first hours of the concentration camp’s liberation by soldiers of the Soviet army, January 27, 1945. Photo by B. Fishman-Corbis-Bettmann REUTERS

Holocaust (Shoah) research is in many ways similar to other genealogical research, but in others quite unique. Like any genealogy or family history research, Shoah Research requires you have a good, sound foundation in the conduct of historical, genealogical research. If you do not already possess a reliable degree of competency or comfort in the conduct of genealogical/ historical research, I recommend you examine the free courses and materials discussed on the ManyRoads’ Genealogy: Getting Started section.

Because most of the Holocaust took place on German (Third Reich) controlled lands between the years 1938 and 1945, many Prussian-German-Polish research techniques and databases apply. If you are unfamiliar with research in those regions, you will find the following ManyRoads’ guidance helpful: Prussian-German-Polish Free Genealogy Help.

Once you feel you are on reasonably firm footing, with the more traditional genealogical/ historical research mentioned above, the following guidance and pointers on how-to conduct Holocaust (Shoah) Research are appropriate.

Let me warn you, though, demons and surprises lurk here.

Among the best website resources from which to build a ‘foundational’ set of Holocaust (Shoah) Research skills (because of their collective breadth of perspective) are:

Beyond the sites mentioned above, the three “Link” categories below offer several hundred of the world’s “Major Sources” of Holocaust (Shoah) Information (click the little down-arrow to open up the Links for a particular topic area).

Be advised, the sites mentioned on this page offer the best available source and guidance information as they are able.

But please be aware of the following resource limitations,

  • The guidance provided is almost always incomplete.
  • Source data is rarely complete.
  • Indexed information may not be accurately indexed.
  • Data and guidance may be repeated across sites.
  • The languages used by the Holocaust (Shoah) sites vary; be prepared to stretch (develop) your language skills.

There, simply, is no single, universal, complete repository.

You should also expect, your search will have “only limited” success. The more success you have, the luckier you are.

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For additional insights, please review ManyRoads’ postings on Shoah/Holocaust Research.

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