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A Map of the British Empire in America with the French Spanish and Dutch Possessions adjacent thereto by Henry Popple 1742
The British Empire in America with the French Spanish and Dutch Possessions- Henry Popple 1742

As in the past, ManyRoads is committed to providing access to a wide variety of downloadable ‘free’ maps. In this area, we offer nearly 500 Maps, many are quite ‘ancient’.

It is our strong belief that maps form an extremely useful bridge to understanding both the movement of peoples and groups as well as to the life styles and life options that were available in different times.

To quote the USGS (United States Geological Service)…

Maps are one of the many sources you may need to complete a family tree.

In genealogical research, maps often provide clues to where our ancestors may have lived and where to look for written records about them.

Beginners should master basic genealogical research techniques before starting to use topographic and historical maps.

ManyRoads’ Map Libraries

In order to facilitate quick and thorough access of our entire genealogical and historical record collections (those online, as well as, those archived ‘off-line’), ManyRoads’ now offers a Service to conduct and provide research results to our clients. A full description of our new research offering is available via Download. For those who may be familiar, our new search service is modeled directly after a similar service offered by The Allen County (IN) Libraries.

To be clear, this is not intended to be private family research but rather an information look-up for you, our readers, on a specific topic or individual. If you are seeking bespoke family history, genealogy research, or other professional genealogical services, please visit our Services page to review our offerings.

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