When paths cross

This article is cross posted from the PEP, Inc. website. There are times in life when paths cross.  As many of you may know, among my greatest interests are both process improvement (my ‘day job’) and my family (not just those living but also including my past, meaning my ‘genealogy’). Well, yesterday was one of(…)

Altpreussische Monatsschrift (von 1864 bis 1913)

Altpreußische Monatsschrift (original most source materials located here – here – here) hrsg. unter Mitwirkung der Königlichen Deutschen Gesellschaft zu Königsberg und des Vereins für die Geschichte Ost- und Westpreußens. – Königsberg, Pr. : Thomas & Oppermann Abkürzungstitel: APM. – Digitalisiert von Google Books. – ZDB-ID: 506912-9. APM Register 1-40, bearb. von Max Perlbach (1905)(…)

How I came over from [Zeyer] Germany

An “old neighbor” from Zeyer, Karl Jochem (deceased), whose descendants now live in the US, wrote the following school assignment, after his arrival in the US in the early 1900s. Because most of my stories are from the period immediately after the Second World War, I thought our readership might enjoy this tale of adventure(…)

Zeyer ev. Kirche

Welcome to our small collection of Zeyer ev. Kirche photos. Dates from many of the older photos are uncertain… they span the distant past to those of today’s ruins. This church, which no longer stands, is where generations of my Senger and Recht forebears were baptised, married, and buried (1754-1945). If you have any photos(…)

New German (Prussian) Research Source Materials / Texts

We are pleased to announce the availability of several new texts.  Each are available freely and without legal encumbrance.   Our new texts include: [download id="13278"]- This is an on-line edition of the Atlas des Deutschen Reichs by Ludwig Ravenstein (1883). This text is generally recognized as being the single best, most complete, place locator for(…)

The Elbing Streetcars return

Der historische Straßenbahnwagen stehen wieder auf dem Alten Markt in Elbing/Elblag. (The historical streetcars are once again in the Elbing/Elblag Old Market.) Click on the following photo to view a live webcam feed of the Old Elbing/Elblag Market.

Grete geb. Roschkowski & Hannelore geb. Petroschka- Remembrances of Elbing

Hannelore Petroschka and Grete geb. Roschkowski were among the tens of thousands of Germans forcibly removed from their home by the German Expulsion – “Ethnic Cleansing” of  Elbing/Elblag following World War 2. In March of 2013, I was contacted by Hannelore’s grand-daughter who wrote: My Grandmother Hannelore was born in Elbing [West Prussia] in 1923(…)

Elbing Damals- new photos

For those of you who might be interested in viewing my latest batch of Elbing “Damals” Photos. (Fals Sie interesse darueber haben, hier sind meine lezte Elbing Damals Fotos) The following images were added today (Die folgende Fotos sind jetzt auf ManyRoads): Alte Giebelhaeuser Alte Haeuser Spieringstrasse circa1935 Alter Markt circa 1935 Blick auf St.(…)

Past to future

Over the past few weeks, I have been mulling over the significance of history, war, and the ravages of time.  Quite the happy thoughts I know. I suppose this stream of consciousness was initiated by my review of some photos from my mother’s family church in Zeyer, Westpreussen, in what is today Poland.  Then today(…)

Hinaus in die Ferne

It probably bears mention that my grandmother- Frieda Senger- was a woman of many verses.  So given that my most recent visits with my mother have involved hearing a particular verse frequently; I thought I’d preserve it for posterity, especially since it is a verse I never heard while growing up.  It’s a lively little(…)

Mennonite Histories of West Prussia

The links on this page have been sourced from the Prussian Mennonite Genealogy Resources site. I have rearranged the original links and grouped them for my convenience. Please note, these materials are used without permission because there was no copyright notice or location from which to request usage permission. All ownership and rights of this(…)

Zeyer- the end

Recollections of an officer of the chief administrative district in Zeyer. Johannes Jahn, farmer and farm owner in Zeyersvorderkampen. see original document This document has been translated and reworked with additional family history by Mark Rabideau. The District of Zeyer was located in the northeast corner of the Free State of Danzig, in the area(…)

Deutsche Mundarten- German Language

The maps on this page indicate where various European German speaking peoples lived prior to the German Expulsions (Vertreibung) post-World War 2. Auf deutsch * Beschreibung: Darstellungskarte der deutschen Mundarten im Jahre 1937. Daneben werden auch die Dialektgebiete in Holland und Belgien angeführt, die in der deutschen Sprachwissenschaft noch bis 1945 als Teil des deutschen(…)

Papatschen Käserei (Meierei)

In Zeyervorderkampen during and before World War 2, there was a small Käserei (Meierei) Dairy that was owned, all or in part, by Richard Senger. Based upon maps and analysis of the region (today Kepiny Male) by Rainer Glodde-Mueller during his 2010 journey to the area, it is believed that the following photos are what remains(…)

Wasserstrasse, Elbing

On the 22nd of October, 2010, I received an email from a long-time (since 1762) family friend (more on that later). Rainer and his family were in Poland looking at the alte Heimatland. AND… they had been to visit the street where my mother lived as a teenager with her Onkel Robert and Tante Olga.(…)

Heimatsortskartei & a true history

By the end of WW2, the destruction of Germany was nearly total. Almost every city had been leveled; the remnants of families were scattered all over Germany, Europe, North and South America. Everyone had lost family members or friends. According to Wikipedia losses in the Third Reich were: Country Population 1939 Military deaths Civilian deaths(…)

Senger Land und Großen Buden Kampe

The Senger Family appears to have had a long term link to the lands around Zeyer (see below). I guess it is no wonder that my mother is still so ‘mentally’ attached to this land and region (Es war einmal…). Thank you to Rainer Mueller-Glodde for this note & excerpt: Two years ago (2008) a(…)

Prussian and Polish Royalty

The following documents covering Prussian and Polish Royalty lexicons and histories are now available on ManyRoads. Der polnische Adel und die demselben hinzugetretenen andersländischen Adelsfamilien Band. 1 Der polnische Adel und die demselben hinzugetretenen andersländischen Adelsfamilien Band. 2 Die polnischen Stammwappen: ihre Geschichte und ihre Sagen Geschichte des polnischen Adels: nebst einem Anhange der Vasallenliste(…)

An Elbing Remembrance- Fred Rump

We’ve had some interesting discussions [...] lately but I feel that for most of us Elbing and it’s history is far, far away. The people who actually lived there before 1945 are fast becoming a dying breed. In addition, while there is much Information available in German sources, little information can be found in English.(…)

You can’t go back (an appreciation)

A recent posting I placed on ManyRoads has provided me with some new insights into life, progress and accommodating the past. As an old adage notes, you can not control the problems life presents you with, but you can choose how you react to them. And, this is true. The following historical facts are true:(…)

Zeyer Friedhof- 2010

Vergangenheit in aller Munde (the original source article has been removed) Die Kirche und der Friedhof in Zeyer (Gemeinde Elbing) haben den Kampf gegen die Naturgewalten verloren – den gegenmenschlichen Widerwillen und Vergessenheit aber gewonnen. Das war ein wichtiges Ereignis für das ganze Dorf. An der Stelle, wo sich einmal die evangelische Kirche und der(…)

Our Elbing Addressbooks

Elbinger Adressbücher Mark Rabideau hat auf seiner privaten Webseite zahlreiche Elbinger Addressbuecher (1847-1930) veröffentlicht. Auch ein Telefonbuch von 1937 ist dabei. Zahlreiche weitere Adressbücher aus Westpreußen (Graudenz, Thorn, Konitz) sind auf der Webseite zu finden. Einwohnerbücher von Danzig, Graudenz und Zoppot stehen zum Download bereit. (GJ) see: I truly appreciate this acknowledgement.  These books(…)

Elbinger Adressbücher

We are seeking to complete our collection of all known Elbing Prussia (Kreis Elbing Westpreussen) Address and Telephone Books. Please note we are only interested in obtaining copies of texts which were printed before 1945 prior to the ethnic cleansing and expulsion of the German population after the end of World War 2. A complete(…)

Elbinger Schutzjuden

source: courtesy Fred Rump In 1783, Moses Simon paid 40,000 Thaler to the city to earn protection and the rights to compete with his Christian counterparts in Elbing for himself and his descendants. (Schutz = protection and Juden= Jews) By 1812, 33 such families had settled in Elbing. Most had paid a fee to the(…)

Elbing Photo Galleries

New Photos added! Neue Fotos! We add new photos to our “Elbing Damals” image gallery as we come upon them.  (Wir stellen neue Fotos hier so oft wie moeglicht.) We hope you enjoy them. (Viel spass beim schauen.) 13. Mar 2010. (update- Mark Rabideau) Also should you happen to have any Photos of the Jungfer-Zeyer-Ellerwald(…)

Altes Ostpreussen

Ostpreußen wie es damals war… Video 1 of 8 Ostpreussen wie es war #1 Video 2 of 8 Ostpreussen wie es war #2 Video 3 of 8 Ostpreussen wie es war #3 Video 4 of 8 Ostpreussen wie es war #4 Video 5 of 8 Ostpreussen wie es war #5 Video 6 of 8 Ostpreussen(…)

Hansestadt Elbing- Videos

Ich habe die volgende Films von ehemaligen Elbing gefunden…. viel spass! I found the following films of the former Elbing (pre-WW2)… enjoy! Wenn Sie von anderen Videos wissen bitte sagen Sie mir… if you know of other videos, please tell us via our Contact page.

The Expulsion of Germans

Original Article (used within terms of Fair Use) By Dr. Alfred de Zayas -The main speaker at the premiere of the documentary travelling exhibition ” In the Claws of the Red Dragon” in Pittsburgh [in 1999], organized in cooperation with Dr. Marianne Bouvier and B. John Zavrel,was Dr. Alfred de Zayas, a prominent expert in(…)

Die letzten Tage – Januar und Februar 1945

Original Article (used and enhanced within the terms of Fair Use) Videos: (videos may load slowly) Der Zerstörung Elbings Sowjetische Nachrichten über das Ende Elbings Eroberung Elbings- 1945 Images: Elbing After the Destruction 1945 Die Reportage: Der folgende Bericht beruht auf Datenunterlagen des letzten Oberbürgermeisters der Stadt Elbing Dr. Fritz Leser (in einigen Dukomentationen auch Dr.(…)

Bericht über die End-Kämpfe um Elbing

Alfred Neubert, Hannoversch Münden, Burgstraße 15/16, den 18. August 1946 Videos: (videos may load slowly) Der Zerstörung Elbings Sowjetische Nachrichten über das Ende Elbings Eroberung Elbings- 1945 Images: Elbing After the Destruction 1945 23. Januar bis 10. Februar 1945 Die Verteidigung Elbings war voraussichtlich gedacht als eine vorgeschobene breitangelegte Sicherung der linken Flanke der Weichsellinie mit(…)

Kirche Zeyer (evangelisch)

Original Source (used with author’s permission) Autor: Günter Mauter Fast ein Kuriosum ist ein Teil der Geschichte der evangelischen Kirche von Zeyer. Als am 22. Januar 1920 der Kreis Großes Werder amtlich wurde, befand sich das Dorf Zeyer im Freistaat Danzig, während die Kirche und die Kirchenhäuser mit ca. 35 Bewohnern auf Elbinger Gebiet lagen.(…)

Selbst Jauche half uns nicht

Auszüge aus dem Text von Charlotte Kaufmann (used within terms of Fair Use) Die schlimmste Zeit meines Lebens begann vor etwas mehr als 60 Jahren,genau im Januar 1945. Auch nach dieser langen Zeit sind die Narben nicht verheilt. Die Auswirkungen sind bis heute spürbar. Dieses Schicksal teile ich mit hunderttausenden Frauen und Mädchen aus den(…)

Zum Gedenknis- In Memory

For those who thought that WW2 was long over, a rude reminder of its horrors and brutality have once again surfaced in the former home of our Senger family.  In just the past year, more than 2000 people were found buried in a mass grave.  It is thought that all were killed/ died at the(…)

Danzig History

DANZIG / GDANSK This page is concerned with the history of the whole Danzig territory as set up in 1919, not only with the town of the same name. (Please note the site from which this history was duplicated and edited no longer is functioning:

The Sengers -1920 to 1944

Richard Senger was a successful German farmer (Landwirt)  in West Prussia. He worked and cared for his family’s farm with the help of his wife (Frieda), children (Luise & Erich), his brother Rudolf (Onkel Rudolf, known simply as Onkel) and his sister-in-law Erna Recht (Tante Erna). The homestead and lands had been in the Senger(…)

Richard Senger- The Long Road

In late winter of 1944/45, the Senger’s farm was overrun and occupied by a command of the advancing Russian armies.  The family furniture and possessions were stolen by non-Germans;  the lives and history of the Senger family were unalterably, irretrievably changed. Only the Senger farm and two other farms in the village of Zeyervorderkampen remained(…)

Senger Family

The Senger family had lived in Kreis Grosses Werder area of West Prussia since at least the late 1600′s. Both 20th Century World Wars took a heavy toll on the entire ‘clan’.  Many family members and all the Senger lands and possessions were either destroyed or taken. The those who were not killed in the(…)

Zeyer- das Ende

This article has been translated and reworked with family events. Erinnerungen eines Amtsvorstehers des Amtsbezirkes Zeyer. Johannes Jahn, Landwirt und Hofbesitzer in Zeyersvorderkampen. Der Amtsbezirk Zeyer lag in der nordöstlichsten Ecke des Freistaates Danzig, im Kreis Großes Werder und umfasste die Ortschaften Zeyer, Stuba und Schlangenhaken. Er zog sich entlang der Nogat, beginnend bei der(…)

Endkampf um Ostpreußen

Source document may be found at: The Real Blaze source has been removed Videos: (videos may load slowly) Der Zerstörung Elbings Sowjetische Nachrichten über das Ende Elbings Eroberung Elbings- 1945 Images: Elbing After the Destruction 1945 Marienburg Damals Ost und Westpreussen in der Krieg Pruessen in der Nachkriegszeit Die Panzerabwehrschlacht südlich Gumbinnen von Oberstleutnant a. D.(…)

Richard Senger -90th Birthday

Richard Senger, einst Bauer in Westpreußen, feierte 90. Geburtstag Schwifting(m). Schnittblumen, Blumen­schalen, köstliche Getränke und weitere Prä­sente schmücken das Wohnzimmer im Hause ‘der Familie Senger in der Schwiftinger Sied­lung. Vor wenigen Tagen feierte der „Se­nior” des Hauses, Opa Richard Senger, sei­nen 90. Geburtstag. Anlaß genug für dieMitbürgerschaft, um Schwiftings derzeit altesten Mitbürger zu ehren und(…)

Willi Wedhorn

ZUM GEDENKEN Nachname:            Wedhorn Vorname:            Willi Dienstgrad:            Unteroffizier Geburtsdatum:            26.03.1923 Geburtsort: Todes-/Vermisstendatum:        15.04.1945 Todesort: Willi Wedhorn ruht auf der Kriegsgräberstätte in Futa-Pass (Italien). Endgrablage: Block 8 Grab 754 Nähere Informationen zu diesem Friedhof erhalten Sie hier. Information on the battle in which Willi died may be(…)

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