Address-book & Download Problem Update

For those of you who access & use the ManyRoads Address-books and other Download pages, I have finally repaired the problems with the pages. At least, I hope I have! Based upon my testing, the Download and Address-book pages all refresh now with each load.  If I am right, you should find the correct document(…)

New Libraries Downloads

I am pleased to announce that ManyRoads has expanded and renewed its online libraries, including historical and genealogical texts, historical videos, historical music collections and more. As most of you are most likely aware, the collections include a significant bias towards Prussian (especially Westpreussen), Amish, Mennonites, Quakers, French Canada, with a large smattering of Iowa(…)

ManyRoads, update!

I apologize for the past week’s site outages. The ManyRoads site performance spiked wildly and was shut down for 12 hours on Thursday by our host provider. Unfortunately, Thursday was a travel day for me and  the fix took many hours longer than normal to ‘repair’.  Since Thursday’s ‘shut-down’, I have done a lot of(…)

Research help in Polish Archives & Collections – Forschung in polnischen Archiven, Behörden

  For those interested in getting genealogical research assistance/help in the former German Eastern provinces of today’s Poland the note below offers some useful guidance.  If you do not read German please run the note through Google Translate or similar.   ——– Original Message ——– Hallo liebe Listenteilnehmer, immer wieder taucht hier die Frage auf(…)

Merry Christmas

  This year I thought we’d wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas in the languages spoken by the Rabideaus and Hensses over the years.  I am certain I will have missed one or two Languages or Dialects, but nonetheless, here goes:     Merry Christmas (English) Frohe Weihnachten (German, Swiss German) God(…)

A New Genealogy Technology, Tips & Tricks Site

Have you ever wished there was a place to get and give answers as they relate to using technology in support of your genealogical and historical research efforts? Do you have a need to protect, share, communicate genealogical and historical information with family? Clients? Are you curious about what technological approaches might be working for(…)

ManyRoads Libraries and Images Status Update

Our image galleries and Cartographic resources are, once again, online. Almost everything (images and maps) is available via our current menu system. As always, all of our images and maps remain free. All of our document libraries have been converted to our new system, are online, and available. (All but three of our documents are(…)

DNA analysis

Numerous folks have requested information on the results of my DNA analysis.  (I used 23andMe to run my analysis.) The following links will hopefully provide an adequate review of the information I am willing to make publicly available.  Should you desire additional information/ particulars, please contact me directly; I may, or may not, be willing(…)

ManyRoads Performance Issues

Sadly, many of you may have noticed that we were off line for a bit; and that our site has been bouncing around, while someone (me) has been frantically attempting to repair site performance difficulties.  I guess it is safe to say, we are getting a bit on the large size, and exercise alone won’t(…)

Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter (June 2012)

First off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Newsletters.  You are right, this has happened before.  Maybe I should just admit to my unreliable nature but on the other hand the good news is, I am not drowning you in spam!?! For those interested in what I have been doing(…)

The 200,000th visit

We are extremely pleased to report that last night (3 June 2012) ManyRoads received its 200,000th visitor. We know that does not put us in anything like “a high traffic mode”. But, we are pleased to have gathered and perhaps even sustained a loyal readership. Thank you very much for visiting our site; we look(…)

Using Mendeley &tc. for Genealogy Research

As I mentioned in an earlier post, recently I came across a VERY promising research tool to assist in gathering, sorting, and sharing research source materials.  That tool is called Mendeley .  It enhances, compliments, and can even replace tools like Zotero.  It, also, links interactively with desktop word processing tools like LibreOffice/OpenOffice and perhaps(…)

Data gathering tools (new, to me)

As a genealogist that conducts much of his research on the web, good data and image gathering tools are extremely helpful.  As a person who relies heavily on the PC as a genealogical repository and information processor, tools that help me sort and process the information I gather are highly valued (prized).  In all fairness,(…)

SOPA/PIPA protest

ManyRoads will join the Internet protest on 18 January 2012 against the unreasonable and un-American PIPA/SOPA legislation & actions before the US Congress. Hopefully someday the United States will, once again, appreciate and respect freedom of speech.

Finding Genealogy Software (more) pointers…

In keeping with the theme of my previous posting, here are some additional pointers to genealogy software and software reviews. Be aware that none of the listings are complete, nor do they over-lap to any significant amount. Each list is “somewhat” to “a lot” unique.  Additionally you should note, not all the listings or reviews(…)

Presenting family genealogies on the web

Presenting readable, genealogical information, data, and stories is a complex challenge.  It seems to me that people’s lives ought to be expressed as more than family trees, dates, and lineages.  I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while.  Perhaps you have as well. Over the years, I have noticed a few ‘special’(…)

ManyRoads Update- October 2011

First off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Updates.  By way of a brief explanation, things have been extremely stressful and busy for us from a personal, family perspective.  But as we all know, life is like that sometimes… From a genalogical perspective, things have also been very busy and(…)

Auguste Alvina Caroline Kunz

It was another one of those days a genealogist only dreams of… one, when a huge brick wall comes tumbling down. Today my daughter and I were reading through our latest bunch of 11 Family History Center tapes, hoping to eek out a simple clue regarding our Prussian German forebears. We had already viewed 9(…)

Sharing Notes, Tasks, Todos

Keeping notes, reminders and tasks synchronized as I move from place to place has been a real dilemma for me.  Not surprisingly, I really need a place to take notes, add reminders when I am browsing the web or reading my email.  I also need these notes, reminders, todos to be available wherever I am(…)

Quebec Genealogical Tutorial

I will be presenting a tutorial on conducting Quebec- Francophone Genealogy Research, September 10, 2011 at the: Parker Colorado Genealogical Society Stroh Ranch Fire Station 19310 Stroh Ranch Road Parker, Colorado 10 September 2011 Business Meeting: 1:30pm – 2pm Speaker: 2pm – 3:30pm I have created the following materials for use in the session for(…)

French Canadian Genealogy Searches- Quebec Research Tip #1

Finding “French Canadian” North American ‘relatives’ can be quite a challenge. My searches most often lead me to southernmost Quebec (Bas Canada, near La Prairie and Lacolle areas) as well as to Northern New York (specifically Clinton County, NY).  It seems that is the general area where most of my French-speaking forebears lived (from 1780-(…)

Clyde Ross- photos found

If you know of anyone related to and/or seeking images of a young Clyde Ross born in Cambridge Illinois, USA in the year 1896, we have 5 original photos of Clyde. The photos show Clyde at the ages of 3 months through 7 years (approx.). We found these wonderful photos in an antique store in(…)

Alexis Menard- Louise Pageau family history

Notes: This history will become the basis for my September 2011 tutorial at the Parker Genealogical Society. (Another example French Canada search for Francois Lafaye & Marguerite Foret/Forest is also underway at ManyRoads and may be used during the tutorial.) Hyperlinks on this page will most often open source documents. Comments, suggestions & questions are(…)

Polish Archives

For those interested in such things, a number of ‘online’ Polish Archives have recently come to my attention.  They include: Archiwa Panstwowe- State Archive in Poznan Archiwum Archidiecezjalne w Poznaniu (Archidiocese of Poznan Archive) Genealogical Society of Great Poland “Gniazdo” Although many of these site pages offer English translations, I find the translated documents to(…)

ManyRoads Update- May 2011

As you may have noticed May 2011 was quite a busy month on ManyRoads.  It was the first month we experienced more than 10,000 unique visits.  I always am amazed at how the traffic ebbs and flows. Per normal our most active countries are the US and Germany; I wonder why? hmmmm. Other notes: A(…)

Ancestor Approved Award

Sassy Jane Genealogy: was nice enough a few months ago to give ManyRoads the Ancestor Approved Award. Sassy, I apologize for my delay in responding to the honor you offered ManyRoads. The honor is truly much appreciated and by now hopefully even a bit more deserved. The
 Ancestor Approved Award, for those who may not(…)

ManyRoads Library Changes Underway

For those seeking source documents from former German areas in the region of West/ East Prussia I have added numerous Elbing City Yearbooks along with other data. In addition, I am completely reformatting the ManyRoads library pages. The reason for the alterations on ManyRoads stems from a contact I received this week. It seems certain(…)

100,000 Visitor

Today (a snowy Colorado day in May) ManyRoads was visited by our 100,000 visitor. What can we say except, thank you! We know that by big site standards this is not a high traffic rate, but for us 100,000+ unique visitors is both amazing and wonderful. If you find our little site of benefit, please(…)

Finding German War Dead

If, like me, you seek relatives who fought on the German side of a war, you might have experienced difficulty in finding information about these forebears. One of the most useful online services I have encountered in this area is the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (link below).  It is through the wonderful efforts of the Kriegsgräberfürsorge(…)

“Un-German” German Names

Last evening, my wife and I watched a documentary on Poland, it covered the Gdansk (Danzig)- Szczecin (Stettin) area in particular. Baltic Coasts – Hidden Treasures: Explore the coastline from Vistula Lagoon via Gdansk Bay to the sandy beaches and steep cliffs of Pomerania and West-Pomerania. The reason for this post involves what I learned(…)

Understanding the German Past

German Genealogy is not much different from any other genealogy. You really need to have a plan as you begin your research, especially if you are unfamiliar with the region/ area or time period. Never assume that one locale looks like or offers information or data in the same as another. Each area, region or(…)

Finding German Genealogy Data

So where are the best places to find German Genealogy data? I hear this question, or something similar, often.  Perhaps it is because I am an American that I notice, but it seems most Americans I hear from expect to find German Genealogical record keeping and data ought to mirror that in the US. Unfortunately,(…)

German Name Spellings

For those unfamiliar with, or simply wishing to learn more about, conducting German/ Prussian genealogical research this is my second posting in a series on the topic of German-Prussian Genealogy Pointers. One of the greatest difficulties people have with researching Germanic family members involves name spellings.  This is especially true for those English speakers.  Over(…)

Whoa, Backup!

Backups, file duplication, redundancy, security are essential dimensions of performing quality genealogy work; well honestly they are required for any type of computing.  Having said that, most people don’t bother with any of this unless, and until, they have a catastrophe, and even then only for a short while after an accident. To my mind(…)

Genealogy- iPad or Netbook?

Lately, I have gotten a lot of questions about the little computers I carry around to help with my genealogy tasks. Questions like: What do you think of the iPad? Do you like your Netbook? In general, people want to know how I like the devices and whether they should consider buying one or more(…)

9th Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

I apologize for delay in getting our semi-irregular newletter out.  Things have been a bit hectic and my network has been unreliable.  Also for those who follow my writings in the various Groups within which I am a participant, you may have noticed I have been uploading a lot of information to ManyRoads.  Unfortunately that(…)

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