Monthly Archives: January 2012

Data gathering tools (new, to me)

As a genealogist that conducts much of his research on the web, good data and image gathering tools are extremely helpful.  As a person who relies heavily on the PC as a genealogical repository and information processor, tools that help me sort and process the information I gather are highly valued (prized).  In all fairness,(…)

Copyright, copyleft, protect your stuff…

Assuming you write materials and you’d like to get protection and/or keep some credit for your work, here are a few thoughts. (Note: do not confuse this Blog posting with any manner of legal advice.) Firstly, you ought to decide if you really want your materials to be shared and/or protected.  No matter what you(…)

SOPA/PIPA protest

ManyRoads will join the Internet protest on 18 January 2012 against the unreasonable and un-American PIPA/SOPA legislation & actions before the US Congress. Hopefully someday the United States will, once again, appreciate and respect freedom of speech.

Hinaus in die Ferne

It probably bears mention that my grandmother- Frieda Senger- was a woman of many verses.  So given that my most recent visits with my mother have involved hearing a particular verse frequently; I thought I’d preserve it for posterity, especially since it is a verse I never heard while growing up.  It’s a lively little(…)

Heimatortskartei gets personal

Almost all ManyRoads readers know that my mother’s family was among those expelled by the allies from the the former German Eastern province of West Prussia following World War 2.  Today, I had the great honor to read and view the Heimatortskartei records of my relatives and their friends/ neighbors.  I have placed the images(…)

ManyRoads available FHC Films/ Tapes

Because my local Family History Center is moving to a new ‘film’ filing system, I thought it would make good sense for me to explicitly track all the permanent films I have locally on file. Obviously, I hope to keep this list current so I can both find and access my tapes more readily. Eventually,(…) queries in seconds.