Monthly Archives: June 2011

Revised Tips & Pointers

For those of you who are interested in the tips etc. I have been writing, I have begun the process of both adding new materials and sorting my lists of articles into more useful (I hope) groupings.  You can see everything as it evolves here or you may directly access my newly sorted areas from […]

Google Search “Automated Tricks”

Randy Majors has created a genealogy Google query tool that seems quite helpful. His search  tool attempts to optimize Google searches. You may test it directly below. If you prefer to use Randy Major’s site directly, please use this link! Thank you Karl for the tip!

Evolution of Germany from 1867

The territorial evolution of Germany from 1867 to today. This video is in German although hopefully the graphics will be understandable to those who speak no German. Die Geschichte des deutschen Staates seit 1867 – staatliche und territoriale Entwicklung. Didaktikvideo zur staatlichen und territorialen Entwicklung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Image Search “Google Tricks”

So you search for images as well, you say. I know I do. I find the search for images to be something of an obsession for me. I especially value those photos I am able to find that are of the German Expulsion or the area around Elbing in the former West Prussia, where my […]

ManyRoads Update- May 2011

As you may have noticed May 2011 was quite a busy month on ManyRoads.  It was the first month we experienced more than 10,000 unique visits.  I always am amazed at how the traffic ebbs and flows. Per normal our most active countries are the US and Germany; I wonder why? hmmmm. Other notes: A […]

Genealogy Tips- Backup! Whoa, it’s Free?!?

It is hard enough finding genealogy information and losing it has always seemed like a bad idea to me. I am writing this post today in hopes of helping you save your genealogy data… and just perhaps, just perhaps, you will take advantage of this risk-free, cost-free suggestion and back things up before you lose […] queries in seconds.