Frieda Senger Birth Record!

Thursday the 7 October 2010 was one of those spectacular days for a family genealogist!

I went to the Parker Family History Center to do research in the Ladekopp/ Pietzkendorf Evangelische Kirche records. I had no idea what, if anything I might find. What I found was both amazing and joyful.  I found my grandmother’s baptismal record (birth record):

Frieda Auguste Recht

I also found the records for two of her siblings, Ella and Ernst and Otto (who died an infant).

Ella Selma Recht
Ernst Hermann Ferdinand Recht

Based on the information I uncovered here is what I believe to be the situation.

The Hermann Recht- Auguste Kunz family moved to Pietzkendorf, near Ladekopp, after the birth of their eldest daughter Erna in November of 1892 but before the birth of their son Ernst in December of 1893. I also discovered that a Ferdinand Kunz of Neuteicherwaelde was in attendance at the baptism of Ella Recht in December of 1896.  My thoughts are that this might be either the father or brother of Auguste Kunz.  The search continues!