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Quebec History Texts

The following Quebec History subjects are now available in our online library: The 1837 Patriots Rebellion of Lower Canada and the Metis population of Quebec. 1837 Patriots Rebellion Some Personal Recollections of the Rebellion of 1837 in Canada To the surviving veterans of 1837-8-9 The Patriotes of ’37- a chronicle of the Lower Canadian rebellion(…)

Quebec’s French speaking Native People (Metis)

Original Source Article Names used to designate Natives, other than the name of their tribe or nation, include : Savage (a pejorative, rarely used today but common only a half-century ago), Indian, North American Indian, Native, and Amerindian (this one seems to be used only in French).  In French, the corresponding terms are: Sauvage, Indien,(…)

ManyRoads Newsletter- 26 Jun 2010

Quite a bit has been added to the site since my last missive.  Rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will simply outline the changes. The major items or changes to ManyRoads include: A complete revamp of the Maps area on ManyRoads, providing easier access points and ‘more useful’ page layout. Complete(…)

Find your friends

Find your friends.  If you run a family history/ genealogy website, building associations and affiliations can be a useful and valuable adjunct to your genealogical efforts. Some of the most interesting and potentially useful affiliations (links) are with are sites and organizations belonging to other family members or family associations.  These family members/ associations need(…)

The Raphael Robidoux Mystery

The following reproduced web publication goes a long way in solving the mystery of Raphael Robidoux’s birth and his family linkages. I sincerely appreciate the wonderful work of Clyde Rabideau and his making this publication available on the web. I hope he is honored by our presentation of his material and analysis. If you get(…)

Winnie the Pooh on Genealogy #1

It surprises me how much Winnie the Pooh knows about genealogy. I came across the following quotes and they just seemed to be very insightful. I hope you find them so as well. Before beginning a Hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it. Winnie(…)


ManyRoads has just completed a rather extensive software upgrade. We moved from version 2.9.2 of WordPress to version 3.0. So far as I can tell things are working just fine, however… If you notice any problems I would greatly appreciate a message regarding the problem(s) so I can track them down and fix them.  Feel(…)

Burgos, Spain- home of Andre Robidou

Burgos is the area in Spain from which Andre Robidou, the founder of the Rabideau family in North America, came. from Wikipedia Early humans occupied sites around Burgos as early as 800,000 years ago. When the Romans took possession of what is now the province of Burgos the site had been a Celtiberian  city. In(…)

20-20 Hindsight

Ah, the advantages of hindsight.  Looking back in time and regretting the decisions that were made, the options that were chosen, and the events that occurred is very easy trap to fall in.  Fruitless, but easy.  In fact, spending a lot of time trying to rewrite the past, excuse events or bemoaning their occurrence is,(…)

Civility and history

Unfortunately when people are expelled from areas, civility is not always, or perhaps even generally, the rule. Such was the case in Poland.  The Polish Communist government was eager to lay claim to its newly obtained German lands and expel all Germans not simply from the lands but also from memory and history. Over time(…)

Our readership

Yesterday was a high water mark for our readership numbers. We had 218 unique visits; our previously most active readership day was with 206. Thank you to everyone of you who spend time with us on ManyRoads. We are immensely pleased that you take the time to visit us. If you have comments or information(…)

It is not a contest

It seems many people believe that genealogy, or family history, is some sort of competition or contest. Their ancestors were better, were more important, traveled further, worked harder, suffered more, were more regal… Genealogy and family history is conceptually straightforward, it simply involves accurately identifying our ancestors, family and history. Every family has had its(…)

Zeyer Friedhof- 2010

Vergangenheit in aller Munde (the original source article has been removed) Die Kirche und der Friedhof in Zeyer (Gemeinde Elbing) haben den Kampf gegen die Naturgewalten verloren – den gegenmenschlichen Widerwillen und Vergessenheit aber gewonnen. Das war ein wichtiges Ereignis für das ganze Dorf. An der Stelle, wo sich einmal die evangelische Kirche und der(…)

Our Elbing Addressbooks

Elbinger Adressbücher Mark Rabideau hat auf seiner privaten Webseite zahlreiche Elbinger Addressbuecher (1847-1930) veröffentlicht. Auch ein Telefonbuch von 1937 ist dabei. Zahlreiche weitere Adressbücher aus Westpreußen (Graudenz, Thorn, Konitz) sind auf der Webseite zu finden. Einwohnerbücher von Danzig, Graudenz und Zoppot stehen zum Download bereit. (GJ) see: I truly appreciate this acknowledgement.  These books(…)

Created with Free Software #3

There are a fairly astonishing number of hidden and nearly hidden functions on good websites. In communities communication between members is essential. The same is true of the internet.    Good websites speak with one another and need to be known to each other.  To accomplish these objectives ManyRoads employs additional hidden and not quite hidden(…)

Created with Free Software #2

One of the great strengths of using an open source (or I suppose for fee) web development toolkit like WordPress is the wealth of add-ons that are available for you to employ to augment your site’s functionality and reach. As I noted in an earlier posting, I am going to attempt to highlight several adjunctive(…) queries in seconds.