ManyRoads QuickLook Service is designed for those seeking to establish a solid foundation for their family research.

This discounted “fixed fee” service includes:

  • initial planning discussions;
  • a ManyRoads examination and assessment of client provided information;
  • preliminary on-line searches through Ancestry.com, FamilySearch.org, archion.de, ManyRoads archives, and other on-line services to validate the initial quantity and/or quality of available materials;
  • any new ‘finds’ we make during the QuickLook will be provided to you;
  • a custom client report and research plan are produced indicating our findings and recommendations regarding the viability and risks of proceeding with further research.

Rather than billing this effort on an hourly fee basis, we offer QuickLook for a fixed fee of $300.

Please use our contact page to inform us of your interest in this or other ManyRoads Services.

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