Pay It Forward

ManyRoads is happy to admit that we occasionally perform work on a “Pay It Forward” basis.

Basically, our approach is as follows:

  1. if you request that we perform a simple search or task for you, it should be in areas of our expertise (see our Expertise page for specifics on the areas we typically support).
  2. as always you are free to use the valuable historical and genealogical information/data we maintain for public use on ManyRoads. Please use it as is appropriate, to your needs. All we ask is that you please remember to provide credit to ManyRoads when you use materials and information sourced here.

The only caveats we place on a “Pay It Forward” effort are:

  • we perform any “Pay It Forward” research on a time available basis (this means when we can get to it, no schedule, no commitment…)
  • all relevant & related research materials costs must either be free or provided by you; these can be pre-arranged.
  • we will only do “Pay It Forward” research in areas of interest to us and our ManyRoads readership (It is performed at our sole discretion, without guarantee.)

Upon our completion of any effort:

  • We always appreciate a written “Thank You” note or recommendation that we may use on the ManyRoads site.
  • If you have a website, we appreciate a reciprocal link arrangement with ManyRoads.

If you are interested,  please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

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