booksManyRoads offers one of the Internet’s largest private Genealogical & Historical Libraries.  Almost all of our content is available to our readership excepting that which is otherwise prohibited from distribution by copyright or concerned family member(s). Unfortunately due to costs, we are unable to have all of our materials online; however, we do make all of our material available!

Currently, there are nearly 300GB of data, maps, texts, etc. available online and in ManyRoads’ Libraries, including:

  • 540 maps (consuming 1.5GB of space)
  • 1,200 images (consuming about 500MB)
  • 11,000 texts in the ManyRoads’ Libraries (consuming 290GB of space)
  • 100 Historical Videos & Music Recordings (consuming some 8GB of space)
  • 1,400 Historical Radio Shows mostly American (consuming about 16.3 GB)

As always, if you are happy researching your own materials from ManyRoads, you are welcome to do so. However, because our libraries are immense and growing, you may prefer a quicker and more exhaustive search “of all of our holdings” conducted on your behalf, by the experts (us).

If you feel we are missing essential materials, please use our Contact page to let us know.

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