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Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963), sitting at desk with specimens
Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963), sitting at desk with specimens

ManyRoads represents our best attempt at gathering, presenting and archiving the genealogy and family histories for both the Rabideau & Henss families. As we conduct our family genealogical research, we create and maintain archives for what we believe to be interesting and useful source information; we hope you find our archives helpful. They are all free, to the extent that copyrights allow.

If what you are looking for is not on this page, additional materials may be found at:

Our current genealogy work is focused in the following regions/ areas

  • East & West Prussia (pre-1947, especially the area formerly known as Kreis Elbing)
  • Hesse (Germany)
  • Quebec (especially in the areas of Quebec City and Montreal down to Vermont/ New York)
  • New York State & Vermont (especially in the Champlain Valley to Canada)
  • Iowa (especially in Henry, Des Moines and Washington Counties, pre-1945)
  • Scandinavia (Norway & Sweden)
  • France (mostly North Eastern France: Alsace, Lorraine)
  • Switzerland (French border and Basel areas)
  • Massachusetts

If you have information from these areas that you’d like to share with others and wish for us to host and share it, please use our Contact page to let us know.  We are happy to provide ‘library and host’ functions.

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