Historical Maps- Historische Landkarten

If you have interest, I have placed a few hundred maps on Many Roads Galleries, a lot are new. Here is a basic list including links: Falls Sie Interesse dafür haben, ich habe ein paar hundert Landkarten auf ManyRoads; eine Menge sind neu. Hier ist eine beispiel Liste mit einige Links: European Historical Maps mit(…)

New ManyRoads Cartographic Area

I am pleased to announce significant revisions to our Cartographic resources (maps).  Because of the image problems I have experienced on ManyRoads, I am moving all my images into a new database and website- powered by ZenPhoto.  As a result I have been able to make available considerably more data than in the past.  Our(…)

Evolution of Germany from 1867

The territorial evolution of Germany from 1867 to today. This video is in German although hopefully the graphics will be understandable to those who speak no German. Die Geschichte des deutschen Staates seit 1867 – staatliche und territoriale Entwicklung. Didaktikvideo zur staatlichen und territorialen Entwicklung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. [iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

Deutsche Mundarten- German Language

The maps on this page indicate where various European German speaking peoples lived prior to the German Expulsions (Vertreibung) post-World War 2. Auf deutsch * Beschreibung: Darstellungskarte der deutschen Mundarten im Jahre 1937. Daneben werden auch die Dialektgebiete in Holland und Belgien angeführt, die in der deutschen Sprachwissenschaft noch bis 1945 als Teil des deutschen(…)


Recently I received an set of email messages from a very helpful reader (Vielen dank, Hans!). I have taken a risk and translated the gist of his correspondence into English. I have blended his materials along with my research to reconstruct a view of Pietzkendorf. I will add more information as it comes to light.(…) queries in seconds.