Research help in Polish Archives & Collections – Forschung in polnischen Archiven, Behörden

  For those interested in getting genealogical research assistance/help in the former German Eastern provinces of today’s Poland the note below offers some useful guidance.  If you do not read German please run the note through Google Translate or similar.   ——– Original Message ——– Hallo liebe Listenteilnehmer, immer wieder taucht hier die Frage auf […]

ManyRoads Sentinel

Genealogy is a twitter (a bad pun, I know). We have created our first twitter based online Newspaper (using The ManyRoads Sentinel is now accessible via our new News! link on the top banner of ManyRoads. I hope you find the articles and news items both informative and useful. As time progresses, I will […]

Sharing & more

Sharing is a particularly wonderful aspect of human existence. If you have found ManyRoads to be helpful in the conduct of your research during the past months, we ask that you briefly reflect on the wonder of your family, community and life. Please also take a moment to remember those less fortunate than yourself. In […]

Help Needed?

Sometimes we all need help. Everyone falls into that boat at one time or another.  As the old Barbara Streisand song says: “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world…” (I hope I have that quoted correctly.) Over the past few months, numerous folks have requested and provided help here on ManyRoads. […]

Technology for Genealogy

Are you looking to establish a web presence for your genealogy work? Do you want to communicate more effectively to a diverse audience that is geographically dispersed? Communicating your genealogical facts to friends and family can be both rewarding and important. At eirenicon and ManyRoads, we pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism of our […]

Personalized Genalogical Research Services

ManyRoads (an eirenicon llc group) is excited to announce that we now offer personalized, professional genealogical research services. Our areas of focus historically have been on those areas were we have researched for our own family genealogy and family history including: East & West Prussia (pre-1947; we have special expertise in the area formerly known […]

Translation Service (Fee based)

ManyRoads is pleased to anounce a new translation service for German/English and English/German.  And… For those of you who have read my German, you know it can’t be a service provided by me! Truthfully… if you seek professional and expert “English to German” or “German to English” translations (old German & Fractur/ Gothic script included), […] queries in seconds.