Beverwyck, Rensselaerswyck, Fort Orange Research

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Long ago and far away, in an alternate universe, there were nascent Dutch Communities in what is today’s upstate New York. These were the communities of Beverwyck, Fort Orange, and Rensselaerswyck, all parts of New Netherland. My family (the Rabideau- Deyos) are directly descended from members of those early Hudson and Mohawk Valley European settlements.

As with many communities which were absorbed and subsumed by others, plus with the advancement of time, materials and data become increasingly rare. Because I am actively researching this region, as well as, my ancestors of those times and places, I have scoured the Internet for useful materials.

In order to make access to these materials easier, I am creating this post as a portal to the information I am using in my research. Please feel free to ‘partake’.

Should you know of additional documents that are or may be available for inclusion, please contact me directly.

Early Albany & Schenectady Histories

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Schenectady Historical Society Yearbooks (on HathiTrust Digital Library)

Pre-1776 Mohawk and Hudson River Valleys

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New Netherlands Materials

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Related Materials

ManyRoads’ “Complete” New Netherlands Library