Prussian-German Genealogy Workshop

German language and ethnicity in central Europ...
German language and ethnicity in central Europe, 1929. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you have interest in attending a ‘distance’ Prussian-German Genealogy Working Group?

By way of giving you some background, I currently hold a monthly Prussian-German Genealogy Workshop at my local Parker (Colorado) Family History Center (FHC). There are no charges for the current ‘in-person’ worksop(s). Recently, I received approval from my local FHC to host a remote session using their good offices.

What I am attempting to assess is whether or not there are ‘potential attendees out there’ who are interested in adding a ‘distance’ workshop.  If there are, then I need to determine:

  • whether I should blending ‘distance’ attendance with our current sessions, or
  • simply create a new ‘remote’ workshop session.

Lastly, I, need to validate my ability to make ‘distance’ training work effectively.

Once I understand the demand for this sort of thing, if any, I should be able to determine necessary resource(s), schedule opportunities, etc.

If you have any interest in participating in this style event, please use the ManyRoads Contact page to let me know.