On the wind

10 May 2014 was day of commemoration and celebration.The sun, wind, skies, and Rocky Mountains were all in attendance, as were the four daughters and two sons-in-law. Deer, birds, and the fresh, green sprouts of spring promised renewal and life.

God was there and spoke for Himself. No intermediary was needed. He made his presence known to each in his own way. His words and message were heard by all present and His message was understood. No filter, discussion, or interpretation was required.

There was joy and remembrance. Memories were recounted, the family was fortified.

Marion Alice (Johnson) Henss was a good mother, daughter, and wife; she will be missed. As her journey continues, she will remain close, be remembered, and continue to loved by those who knew her, now that she has rejoined her husband, Robert, on the wind.

Mueller State Park, Teller County, Colorado
Mueller State Park, Teller County, Colorado