Basketball in Easthampton- one family’s account

In 2010 I published a posting on pro-basketball in Easthampton, Mass.  Yesterday Jeffrey Baker, a ManyRoads reader, was kind enough to send these images and family story along.


James R Knox was my maternal grandfather. Raised in the Easthampton area, went on to work at the Veterans Hospital in Northampton MA in the Personnel Office, eventually becoming Quartermaster.

Unfortunately there is no listing of any of the other ruffians pictured…nor of the coaches.

The details were noted by George W Knox, brother of James R. “Beaver” Knox. Interesting on how he has the Celtics in Boston in the 1920’s.

The other scan is EHS years ’13 – ’14. No details on this one, and I’m having a hard time discerning any relative in there. I’ll need to match up with some other photos from the era.

Hope these prove useful. I’ll be going through more photos from that time soon, getting things scanned. If I come across anything interesting I’ll forward them along.

The scans may be a bit big, please adjust for your site as you’d like.

Jeffrey Baker
Worcester MA

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