Genealogy & Social Networking Technologies #4- LinkedIn

Unlike facebook, LinkedIn has been moving in positive and useful directions. To be honest, I have had enough success with LinkedIn that I have begun to expand my efforts on that social networking platform.

By way of a quick overview, to-date I have attempted the following activities with good success on LinkedIn. I have:

  • added LinkedIn friends and now have more than 500. As I have increased my associates so has the ManyRoads traffic increased.
  • created a Genealogy Group (Genealogy Guild) which now has more than 100 participants. There is limited activity in the group and some amount of traffic from the group to ManyRoads has yielded additional, albeit limited, information, opportunities, and discourse.
  • linked my tweets to LinkedIn and this Twitter interface seems to have generated a small but steady flow of additional readers and traffic to ManyRoads.
  • made my credentials and CV available. They appear to be accessed on a regular (daily) basis, presumably this provides an additional degree of professional visibility. Although, I would note this type of inference is extremely difficult or prove- one way or the other.
  • most recently, added my company information on LinkedIn, using the Company- beta function. I have great hopes for this newer service. It is worth noting that there seem to be those typical beta software problems plaguing the company edit and modification functions.

Assessing my experiences to date on LinkedIn, I would characterize them as being mostly positive and trending in even more positive directions. In the interest of balance and fairness though, I would have to say that this path has not been fast nor necessarily obvious.