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Papatschen Käserei (Meierei)

In Zeyervorderkampen during and before World War 2, there was a small Käserei (Meierei) Dairy that was owned, all or in part, by Richard Senger. Based upon maps and analysis of the region (today Kepiny Male) by Rainer Glodde-Mueller during his 2010 journey to the area, it is believed that the following photos are what remains […]

Deutsche Musik mit Humor (sampler #2)

The songs on this page are from the early 20th Century Germany (pre-World War 2) and have intriguing titles! Mein Papagei frisst keine harten Eier (My parrot does not eat hard boiled eggs) Ich fahr mit meiner Klara in die Sahara (I drive with my Clara through the Sahara) Tante Paula liegt im Bett und […]

2010 Top Ten

Hmm… the top 10 genealogy items for ManyRoads this year are… I wish I could say this list was complete, but it isn’t. But in the spirit of celebration, here’s my list:  10. Being invited to speak on genealogy at two locales during the year (Public speaking). 9. Accumulating copies of the Zeyer ev. Kirche […]


Does anyone have access to West and East Prussian German recipes? I would like to gather a collection of food recipes that were local to the Germans who once populated the region of Europe between Danzig Marienburg, and Koenigsberg. Please contact me directly with any recipes or food names that you might have/ remember. I […]

ManyRoads Sentinel

Genealogy is a twitter (a bad pun, I know). We have created our first twitter based online Newspaper (using The ManyRoads Sentinel is now accessible via our new News! link on the top banner of ManyRoads. I hope you find the articles and news items both informative and useful. As time progresses, I will […]

On the “Vertreibung”, Expulsions, and Hope

Of late, I have received numerous queries and comments from our readership regarding my position on and interest in the ethnic expulsions of German peoples from Eastern Europe after World War 2. I think this is a fair question that merits response. I guess I would begin my response by stating that expulsions and holocausts […]

Adelgunde Wilhelmine Senger geb. Kiehl is found!

After searching for more than 70 years for documentary evidence, on 11 December 2010, we finally viewed the image of the birth record of Adelgunde Wilhelmine Senger geboren (born) Kiehl (my great-grandmother- “O-oma“). It was one of those ‘hoped for’ breakthrough findings. Earlier we had uncovered evidence on FamilySearch saying that her birth record was […]

Seventh Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

Happy Holidays! As we are now in the midst of the largest annual holiday season, I think it is time for me to quickly write and publish our monthly News Letter. As always, it is on our extraordinarily accurate, semi-irregular schedule. The past month has been quite busy for me both from a genealogy/ ManyRoads […]

The Beatles on Genealogy

Almost certainly the Beatles had no plans for relating these songs to genealogy, but I find them relevant. Hopefully others enjoy them as well.

Sudeten Vertreibung- Sudeten German Expulsion

“Töten auf Tschechisch” Zwei Tage nach Kriegsende treiben tschechische Milizen deutsche Bewohner Prags mit brutaler Gewalt aus der Stadt. Es ist der Beginn der Vertreibung fast aller Deutschen aus der Tschechoslowakei. Mehr Information von diesem ZDF Film.  Hintergrunde and der DVD. This film details the history surrounding the expulsion of Germans from Prague, the Sudetenland […]

Genealogy & The Rule of Six

Genealogical research is an uncovering of truths as they apply to your life, others’ lives, the past and the future. There never truly is a single answer to what happened, how it came to be, and what was best or worst. The options and answers are often many, complex and perhaps even indeterminate. Inter-dependencies, inter-relationships […]

Deutsche Musik (Sampler)

Popular German Music – Deutsche Musik. We are building this sampler collection and hope to add more music as we find it. It is our plan to add tunes from the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s. Over the longer term, we hope to build a similar collection for US tunes as well. Newly added 28 Dec […]

Kriegsweihnacht- War Christmas

I have attempted to present videos offering the music and feeling of WW2 Christmases in Germany. It is, as you might imagine, very difficult to find films that are not extremely propaganda oriented. Those presented here are more oriented to the music and mood of the time and less towards the propaganda, which is what […]

Alte Kriegslieder

Songs from the 2 World Wars. Kriegslieder aus die zwei Weltkriegen. Related Deutsche Musik (Sampler) Deutsche Musik mit Humor Zur erinnerung an unseren gefallenen 1914-1918 Einsam im Walde Ich hatt’ einen Kamaraden Es war ein Edelweiss Erika

Die Rechtlosen- Those without Rights

Flucht und Vertreibung (II): Die Rechtlosen by OstpreussenTV

Battle of Verdun 1916

This set of films documents the Battle of Verdun in which Richard Senger fought, was wounded and earned an Iron Cross 2nd Class. He served in the Prussian (German) Artillery. This is the same area where Adolf Senger was killed and is buried. World War I: Battle Of Verdun 1/4 World War I: Battle Of […]

Verlorene Heimat- Lost Homeland

Inferno in the East (Inferno im Osten)-Flight and Expulsion (Flucht und Vertreibung) von OstpreussenTV Related Links Expulsion – Vertreibung Flucht und Vertreibung (Photo Gallery) queries in seconds.