1920 to 1930 Easthampton (The Deyos and Rabideaus)

Based upon Census data, we know the following information regarding the Rabideau & Deyo branches of our family (note all photos are from Google).

According to the 1920 US Census

In 1920 the George Deyo Family lived at 214 Main Street in Altona, NY; father George (age 52) was a farm worker. Exina his wife (37) was keeping house. They had 6 children living with them at that time including:

  • Edward (17)
  • Leona (13)- my grandmother
  • Lawrence (10)
  • Clarence (6)
  • Gilbert (2)- interestingly listed as a daughter on the 1920 Census
  • Gerald (an infant)

The Alexander Rabideau family, at that same time, lived at 21 Mt. Tom Avenue. Father, Alexander (46), was an unemployed wood chopper; Flora, his wife, was keeping house. They had three children and a boarder living with them:

  • Alexander Jr. (18)- working in a plastic mill
  • Victor (16)- working in a cotten mill
  • Fredrick (15)- my grandfather- was working in a plastic mill
  • Mildred (6)
  • Nelson Diteau (16)- boarder (his parents were unknown)- working in a cotten mill

According to the 1930 US Census

By 1930 the George Deyo Family had moved from Altona and was now living at 5 Maple Street in Easthampton. Father, George (age 61), was a dryer working in a cotton mill; Exina, his wife (48), was keeping house. They had 4 children living with them in 1930 including:

  • Lawrence (21)- working as a machinery oiler in a cotton mill
  • Clarence (16)- working as a clerk in a chain store
  • Gilbert – is missing from the 1930 enumeration and perhaps died during the years between 1920 and 1930.
  • Gerald (10)
  • Dora (8)

George’s daughter, Leona nee Deyo, and her husband, Frederick Rabideau/Rabidue (my grandparents), were living next door at 7 Maple Street. Frederick was employed as a truck driver for Yen Trucking. They had three young children living with them in 1930.

  • Verda (4)
  • Mildred (2)
  • Francis Frederick (1)- my father

Also in 1930, Alexander Senior (55), Flora (44) appear to have owned a home on 37 Cottage Street (today, 2010, this location is a gas station…in 1930, it was around the corner from 5 & 7 Maple Street, about 100 feet distant) where they lived with their daughter Mildred (16) and son Victor (plus his young family). Alexander Sr. was employed as a wood chopper at a lumber company.

  • Victor Rabidue (26), in 1930, was married to Simonne (21) and living in his parent’s home with their son Victor Jr. (3) on 37 Cottage Street. Victor Sr. was, also, employed as a wood chopper for a lumber company.
  • In 1930, I find no US Census records for Alexander Rabideau (Rabidew/ Rabidue) Jr. It is possible that he either moved away or died in the years between 1920 and 1930.


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