Zotero and genealogy

Do you use Zotero in doing your genealogy research work?

ToolsThis is a question I have toyed around with for quite a while now.  I don’t have a good answer for myself although the toolset seems well suited to gathering web-based information, collating, and processing it.  It is also tightly coupled with the browser I use most frequently, Firefox. Still I have been unable to find and good roadmap on how to make this toolset work to my advantage.  I am constantly in search of tools that link tightly with websites (i.e., Ancestry.com, etc.), online documents, image libraries, etc.  Zotero claims to do all that and more.  Sounds good to me, especially since it should also gather and log attribution, footnote, and bibliography data as well.

Rather than providing an answer to this query, I am in search of leads and comments.  Does anyone out there have experience(s) they are willing to share?  Any links on how-to use Zotero in the genealogy & family history realm?

Any pointers are most welcomed.  Please use our contact page or comments below to share your insights.