Protect your stuff…

There are genealogy thieves out there!

Because of certain circumstances as well as the nature of our information, we have taken the drastic action of providing copy protection for all data and images on the WordPress side of ManyRoads. 

Believe me, we do enjoy sharing our information, we truly do.

We just want to know where it goes and who is using it.

If you’d like any of our information, please use our contact form to request it.  We are happy to be generous.

PolicemanFor those of you who use WordPress (and I recommend you do if you have need for a web-based version of your genealogy materials), I am using the Wp-PreventCopyBlogs WordPress Plugin to protect our materials. This plugin provides the following features:

  1. Tracks the visitors who try to copy content (images & text).
  2. Records the IP of the user who tries to copy information with a landing url of your site and referral url.
  3. Displays a warning message regarding the site protection feature and tracking.
  4. Disables the Right-click selection function of user browser(s).