Further WordPress – GRAMPS Integration

With the latest release of GRAMPS (version 3.2.2) I have been able to more tightly integrate the WebSite output of GRAMPS with the ManyRoads site.  With this most recent release I have the flexibility of generating html pages- YAY!  I am now able to provide the following functions quite easily:

  1. I can add an image -or multiples if I wish- to a GRAMPS generated webpage
  2. Now I am able to effectively link from my GRAMPS (subsystem?) back to my main site; link to pages like my Conatct page or a family branch page.
  3. Similarly I am able to links from my GRAMPS subsystem to the world-wide web.

All in all this additional functionality makes the total site function more smoorthly and in a more integrated fashion.  There remain several ‘intergration’ features/ items that would be helpful to GRAMPS -IMHO.  These include:

  1. the ability to preserve custom pages as I upgrade to new releases of GRAMPS (right now I need to do that manually)
  2. an easier way to modify and preserve the GRAMPS subsystem css (to preserve my local look & feel)
  3. and a prettier display of html pages within GRAMPS

Excepting the ugly display of html, each of the remaining tasks can be performed manually; it just would be nicer if they we a more standard function within GRAMPS.

The bottom line is that I am VERY happy with GRAMPS.  It is easier to use than most commecially available genealogy tool sets, and the support from the GRAMPS team is exceptional!  Kudos to GRAMPS.

As I uncover (learn) more I’ll share it here.

Examples include: