Ancestry Downloads

Ancestry download issues?? Like the rest of you, I need to download my Ancestry work files.  Also like many of you, maybe all of you, I encounter problems.

Here’s how things don’t work for me. To perform a download of a gedcom file is not difficult, although the function is pretty well hidden. To access the function you need to go to the Main page of a Family Tree (one of yours); select Tree Settings (in the nearly invisible tiny green font just on top of the Tree Settings Box- cleverly placed outside the Tree Settings box). Once you select that option, a new view will open and to the right is an Export tree button. Push the button and your ONLY option (without any settings by the way) takes place.  They generate a GEDCOM file for you which is easily downloaded to your PC.  Having that file you can now input data to your PC or Internet based genealogy software.

Did you notice I did not say you can input all of your Ancestry data? The GEDCOM file you have in your hands will seem to be missing the following:

  • NO links to any Ancestry documents
  • NO links to photos
  • NO links to Stories
  • just no links

I also have noted that the Ancestry files themselves are not checked for internal integrity.  Problems abound, duplicate people, bad dates, etc..  You will need to fix those in your other genealogical software.  Oh well.

I know this article doesn’t provide much help but I thought you might like to be forewarned…