Deo/Deyo is Dion!

If you look at the attached record you will find the following Joseph Dion/Deo/Deyo family residing in Quebec during the 1851 Census. This both firmly places the family in St. LaColle, near Montreal.  We also now know through related birth documents of these ‘newly found’ children (for me ‘new’ at least…), the parents birth names were:

  • Joseph Dion born in St. Mare Quebec (according to the 1851 Census)… it is worth noting that there is no St. Mare in Quebec so that fact must be incorrect.
  • Julienne Denis born in L’Acadie Quebec (according to the 1851 Census)… this additional fact confirms the birth record we have found for Julienne Denis

The Deo/Deyo/Dion family in 1851 consisted of:

  • Dion (Deo), Joseph (father)
  • Dion (Deo/Denis), Julienne (mother)
  • Dion (Deo), Adelaide
  • Dion (Deo), Joseph
  • Dion (Deo), Julia
  • Dion (Deo), Ralph
  • Dion, Aurelie
  • Dion, Baptiste
  • Dion, Francois
  • Dion, Hilarie