The value of time

Time and patience are great virtues in life and genealogy.  It is simply amazing how many things can be accomplished by letting them simmer a while.

My example is small but I hope useful.

I have spent a lot of time hitting a particular Brickwall in my family’s genealogy.  I had been unable to make headway; data was hard to find; and I was stymied.  I had worked for several weeks at attempting to find the parents and grandparents of on one of my family lines; nothing came… nothing fit.  The line was dead. Finally, I decided to move on to other ‘things’.  I gave the line up as a lost cause (and I don’t like those…).

A couple of months passed and then one day my daughter called.  She had a little tid-bit of information about something she wanted to share.  Her call got me looking at this dormant line again.  And, there it was, plain as day.  The pieces I missed had before were laying out for anyone to see.  Inside of 30 minutes I had 50 years of family history, an ocean crossing, an immigration and the line was alive again. And then my network link went down…

Patience… it doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.  But maybe, it should.