Carignan-Salières- our soldiers

Based upon the research we have done, it appears that the Rabideau’s are descended from a number of the Carignan-Salières Regiment.  As you will note, none of our forebears held particularly high rank.  They were, instead, the ‘backbone’ of their units!  You will see the various men highlighted in blue on the posting containing the names of all ‘known’ and assumed members.

The names of our forebears are:

Last, First                              Dit/De                                         Variations

  1. Beaune, Jean                       LaFranchise                                Beaulne,Beaume, Bone
  2. Boulin, Jean                        Léveillé,L’Esveillé                      Boutin, Poulin
  3. Boyer, Étienne                     La Fontaine-La Fouille
  4. Dupré, Antoine                    LaBonté
  5. Faye, Mathieu                      LaFayette                                       Faille,    LaSayette
  6. Février, Christophe             LaCroix                                           Febv ris
  7. Fortin, Louis                         LaGrandeur,Le Grand                 –
  8. Gervais, Mathieu                 LeParisien                                       –
  9. Gourdon, Jean-Baptiste     LaChasse                                        –
  10. Joly, Jean                              Saint-Denis                                     Jolly
  11. Payet, Pierre                         Saint-Amour,Le Bonhomme       Payette
  12. Robert, Louis                        La Pommeraye,LaFontaine          –
  13. Dussault, Jean                      Baron                                                Dusseault, DuSceau,Duceau