Genealogy Databases and Immigrant Websites

Germans emigrate to America-1874
Germans emigrate to America-1874

If you are looking for your immigrant ancestors and are having difficulties locating records, perhaps these pointers will be of some help.

What follows are two major groups of websites, there is no single login for all of the sites below. Also, the ManyRoads’ login does not have any relationship to the listed sites. The site links below are probably best categorized as:

  1. Genealogy Databases
  2. Immigrant Websites

Should you have sites to add to this collection, please let us know via our Contact page.

This information is provided in a spirit of “good will” and for the purposes of information sharing and tutoring.

You need to know that:

  • not all the links (below) go to Free Sites
  • not all the sites are in “your native language”
  • we can not, and do not, vouch for what you might find on external sites


Genealogy Databases


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