Senger Family Albums

Luise Richard Frieda Senger Zuhause circa 1940

Luise, Richard, und Frieda Senger Zuhause circa 1940

This area contains links to all of our Senger-related photographic albums. Our albums include family images, place images, and event related photographs.

  • Additional genealogical information is also available on ManyRoads. You may view our genealogies and histories on the Senger Family (Branch) Genealogy page.
  • Senger Family source documentation is available online at ManyRoads as well. Please visit our Senger Family Documents area to view those materials.

Should you have any photographic images that you are willing to share with us, especially anything involving Die Vertreibung (The German Expulsions after WW2) or the region surrounding the former Elbing (Kreis Elbing), please contact us directly.

The Senger Family

Places- Heimatland (Homeland)

These images are of those places and communities in which Senger family members once lived. All of these communities are no longer German. We have no known family members left in these regions; all either died in the war (WW2) and its aftermath or were forcibly expelled.

Events- World War 2 and aftermath- Der Krieg und danach

The images in these libraries are not limited to Senger family members but extend into their communities and surrounding areas. They also involve photographic images of ‘historic’ events in which the Sengers were directly involved.

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