Welcome to the ManyRoads Twitter Newspapers

We have created two newspapers based upon twitter genealogical feeds provided by some very good writers and genealogists. We are both performing a technology test for twitter news formats as well as hoping to settle on one to use as our regular ‘newspaper’.

The technologies we are currently testing are developed by:

  • the Guardian (UK) and is called Twitter;
  • the second is from a startup company called

Please visit our Twitter news! Let us know what you think.

The following widget provides a brief synopsis of our latest issue. By clicking on the widget, you will be directly linked to our twitter based newspaper. What are your thoughts on this approach?

We would love to know which copy seems most useful and interesting to you.

One Comment

  1. Joan Miller (Luxegen)
    20 December, 2010 @ 7:07 pm

    Thanks for telling us about Twitter I was aware of and had created a newspaper from the #genealogy hashtag when first appeared on the scene. Here is my newspaper:

    I like the format better but don’t like all of the advertising.

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