New France and Quebec Maps


The historical maps (cartography) in this folder are of the area and region that have been known as New France, Quebec, or Bas Canada.

Early Quebec Map George Kitchen

Early Quebec Map George Kitchen

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TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize
1600 New France 12:02 pm 06/19/2014610.2k
1686 Eastern Canada Maritimes 12:02 pm 06/19/20142M
Acadia 1754 12:02 pm 06/19/2014426.3k
Acadia 1757 12:02 pm 06/19/20141.1M
Acadian Deportation Map 12:02 pm 06/19/2014332.1k
Acadian Expulsion 12:02 pm 06/19/2014399.5k
Bas Canada Patriot Rebellion 12:02 pm 06/19/2014177.1k
British Colonies in North America 12:02 pm 06/19/2014393.3k
Canada from 1670 to 1905 12:02 pm 06/19/2014475.6k
Carte Particuliere Du Fleuve Saint Louis 12:02 pm 06/19/20141.1M
Claude Bernou Carte De LAmerique Septentrionale 1681 12:02 pm 06/19/20146.2M
Deportation New England Map 12:02 pm 06/19/2014332.8k
Early Quebec Map George Kitchen 12:02 pm 06/19/2014453.7k
LacolleMap 1740 12:02 pm 06/19/2014354.3k
Le Canada Faict Par Le Sr De Champlain 1664 12:02 pm 06/19/20146.1M
Le Canada Faict Par Le Sr De Champlain Ou Sont La Nouvelle France, La Nouvelle Angleterre, La Nouvelle Holande, La Nouvelle Suede, La Virginie &c 1677 3:42 pm 10/03/20153M
LowerCanadaByWilliamSax1829 Reduced 12:02 pm 06/19/20141M
Map of New France 12:02 pm 06/19/2014847.4k
New France 1556 12:02 pm 06/19/20141.5M
New France 1600 12:02 pm 06/19/2014722.5k
New France 1613 12:02 pm 06/19/201492.3k
New France by Gastaldi Giacomo Ca 1500 Ca 1565 12:02 pm 06/19/20146.9M
Ontario 1718 12:02 pm 06/19/2014449k
Pennsylvania and New France 1618 12:02 pm 06/19/2014525k
Quebec 1884 12:02 pm 06/19/2014522.6k
Quebec City Map 1894 12:02 pm 06/19/2014427.4k
Quebec City Plan 1882 12:02 pm 06/19/2014264.6k
Quebec Eastern Townships 12:02 pm 06/19/2014206.4k
Samuel De Champlain Carte Geographique De La Nouvelle France 12:02 pm 06/19/20144.6M
Siege of Quebec 1759 12:02 pm 06/19/20148.4M
The Maritimes of Canada 1624 12:02 pm 06/19/20141.4M
United States of America Exhibiting the Seat of War on the Canadian Frontier from 1812 to 1815 12:02 pm 06/19/20144.6M
Upper Canada 1807map 12:02 pm 06/19/20141M
Upper Canada 1813 12:02 pm 06/19/2014340.9k
Velasco Map of Pennsylvania and New France 1610 12:02 pm 06/19/2014315.5k

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