European Historical Maps

The historical maps (cartography) in this folder are of Europe and span from before the year 1000 through the 1920s.

Europe 1360

Europe 1360

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TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize
Central Europe 1786 12:02 pm 06/19/2014793.4k
Central Europe Religions 1618 to 1923 12:02 pm 06/19/2014434.5k
Die Aufteilung Zenraleuropas Vor Und Nach Dem Ersten Weltkrieg 12:02 pm 06/19/201460.4k
Europa Sprachgebeiten Circa 1914 12:02 pm 06/19/2014678.2k
Europe 12th Century 12:02 pm 06/19/2014298.2k
Europe 814 Colbeck 12:02 pm 06/19/2014280k
Europe 1360 12:02 pm 06/19/2014399.7k
Europe 1500 Colbeck 12:02 pm 06/19/2014267.5k
Europe 1560 12:02 pm 06/19/2014810.4k
Europe 1648 Westphalia 1884 12:02 pm 06/19/2014349.3k
Europe 1740 12:02 pm 06/19/2014746.5k
Europe 1808 12:02 pm 06/19/2014400.3k
Europe Medieval Commerce 12:02 pm 06/19/2014809.1k
Europe Circa 1000 12:02 pm 06/19/2014195.7k
Europe Circa 1559 12:02 pm 06/19/2014547.4k
Europe Circa 1740 12:02 pm 06/19/2014565k
Europe1815-1905 12:02 pm 06/19/2014274k
European Populations in 890 12:02 pm 06/19/2014298k
Great Schism 1378-1417 12:02 pm 06/19/2014323.9k
Holy Roman Empire 1400 12:02 pm 06/19/20143.7M
Late Medieval Trade Routes 12:02 pm 06/19/2014404.7k
Migrations 526 12:02 pm 06/19/2014161.2k
Peoples of Europe in 900 12:02 pm 06/19/2014312.3k
Pomerania and Prussia 12:02 pm 06/19/20142.7M
Swisss Mennonite Congregations GAMEO 12:02 pm 06/19/2014239.9k
Versailles Treaty 1920 12:02 pm 06/19/2014114.2k



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