Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska Maps

The historical maps (cartography) in this folder are of the area and region that ultimately became Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Our maps focus largely on the area of Southern (Eastern) Iowa.

Main Street circa 1925 Wayland Iowa

Main Street circa 1925 Wayland Iowa

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TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize
Burlington Iowa Circa 1870 10:58 am 07/16/20152M
Des Moines County Iowa Circa 1870 10:56 am 07/16/20151.7M
East Part of Mt Pleasant 1917 10:55 am 07/16/2015684.8k
Henry County Iowa 1912 11:33 am 07/16/20156.6M
Iowa 1856 10:55 am 07/16/2015421k
Iowa Counties Circa 1875 10:56 am 07/16/20151.6M
Iowa Geologic Climate Map Circa 1875 10:57 am 07/16/20151.8M
Iowa Missouri Circa 1867 10:57 am 07/16/20151.9M
Iowa Nebraska 1864 11:23 am 07/16/20152.3M
Iowa Topographical Map 1925 11:29 am 07/16/20155.7M
Jefferson Township 1895 11:24 am 07/16/20152.3M
Jefferson Township 1917 10:55 am 07/16/2015444.8k
Mt Pleasant 1895 Bottom Half 12:38 pm 07/16/20156.7M
Mt Pleasant 1895 Top Left Section 11:28 am 07/16/20155.1M
Mt Pleasant 1895 Top Right Section 11:28 am 07/16/20155.1M
Mt Pleasant Iowa Map Circa 1875 11:24 am 07/16/20152.4M
Mt Union and Wayland 1895 11:23 am 07/16/20152.1M
Washington County Iowa 1912 12:28 pm 07/16/20157.9M
Washington County Iowa Circa 1870 10:59 am 07/16/20152M
Wayland 1917 10:55 am 07/16/2015325.4k
West Part of Mt Pleasant 1917 10:55 am 07/16/2015892.9k
Wisconsin Territories 1832-1858 10:55 am 07/16/2015325.9k
Wisconsin Territories Including Iowa1836 10:55 am 07/16/2015547.7k
Wisconsin Territory 1838 11:24 am 07/16/20152.3M

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