Germans from the Volga and Bessarabia

Temporary quarters for Volga Germans in central Kansas, 1875 source: Wikipedia
Temporary quarters for Volga Germans in central Kansas, 1875.  source: Wikipedia

Bessarabian and Volga Deutsch research is in many ways similar to other genealogical research, but in other ways it is quite unique. Like any genealogy or family history research, Germans from the Black Sea Region Research requires you have a good, sound foundation in the conduct of historical, genealogical research. If you do not already have a reliable degree of competency or comfort in the conduct of genealogical/ historical research, I recommend you check out the free courses and materials discussed on the ManyRoads’ Genealogy: Getting Started .

Because the Germans from those regions originated from the German Empire and/or Kingdom of Prussia and were ultimately expelled from their homes in the Black Sea & Volga Region (Russia & Bessarabia) after the mid-1940s, many Prussian-German-Polish research techniques and databases apply. If you are unfamiliar with researching those regions, you will find the following ManyRoads’ guidance helpful: Prussian-German-Polish Free Genealogy Help.

Once you feel you are on reasonably firm footing, with the more traditional German-Prussian genealogical/ historical research mentioned above, the following links, maps, texts are appropriate.

Be warned: information from these regions is scarce and difficult to unearth. 

Germans from Volga & Bessarabia


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