Die Vertreibung/ Flucht

Eastern German Expulsions & Flight (1944-1950+)


Refugee treks, Kurisches Haff, northern East P...
Refugee treks, Kurisches Haff, northern East Prussia, March 1945 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This page represents our Vertreibung/ Flucht (German Expulsion) collection. If you would like a ‘quick’ background on those topics most relevant to Prussia-Germany-Poland please read: 70 years on…

Our collection consists of three major components:

  1. Images & Photos
  2. Maps (Cartography)
  3. Texts & Papers

Sadly, our ‘texts’ library  is not as robust as we would like, in large part because there are few texts in the public domain. Most available texts require purchase and are not freely ‘sharable’  on the Internet.

So far as we know, all of our library offerings are freely available (unless otherwise noted). You are free to download these texts, consistently with their licenses/ copyrights.

If you know of additional open source, freely available digital texts that should be added to our collections, please use our Contact page to send us the particulars. If you have personal histories of the region that you you would like to share on ManyRoads, please let us know and we will do our best to make them available to our readership.

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  1. Images & Photos: Flucht und Vertreibung Gallerie -Flight & Expulsion Gallery

  2. Cartography: Vertreibung Karten- German Expulsion Maps

  3. Texts (below)


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