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Welcome to the ManyRoads’ Prussian/ German research library.  Our library contains nearly 1000 texts; all are free for the downloading.

Be advised, most of the texts are written in German and use Gothic print. I know it is strange but for some reason Germans wrote and used German.  Who would have guessed…

So if you are ‘stumped’ for additional clues and resources, hopefully this page will provide new sources of hope, inspiration, and information. In total, the ‘local’ ManyRoads’ libraries alone contain more than 50GB of original (digital) genealogical and historical source documents.

In addition to our documents, this page provides links to what I believe are the most helpful Internet research resources for conducting Prussian/ German research. Based upon your usage patterns and comments, plus my client research efforts, I will update the contents of this page frequently.

The ManyRoads’ collections as well as all my “Preussische’ research & genealogy efforts are dedicated with love and heartfelt gratitude to:

  • my mother (Luise geboren Senger);
  • my grandparents (Richard Senger & Frieda geboren Recht); and
  • my onkel Erich (Senger).
Familie Richard Senger 1939
Familie Richard Senger 1939

This was their “Heimat und Heimatland”.

As my Oma frequently said, “Es war einmal.”


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