Adreßbücher- Address Books

Familie Richard Senger um 1939

These Libraries are dedicated to the Familie Richard Senger in remembrance of them and their Heimat.

ManyRoads is pleased to provide this collection of address books from West/ East Prussian, as well as other former Eastern German Provinces.

Be advised, not surprised.  These are German language texts.

We are continually seeking additional texts for inclusion on these pages. Should you know of additional West Prussian address or business books that you believe we should archive and present, please use our Contact page to let us know.

Former Places & Locations

More on Finding Records from the Former German Eastern Provinces

External Address Books

Adreßbücher - Address-books


Adressbuch Fuer Das Gouvernement Livland 1871 17.6M

Livlaendisches Verkehrs Und Adressbuch 1892-1893 19.1M

Rigasches Adressbuch 1861 23.9M

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