Germans emigrate to America-1874
Germans to America-1874

If you have been researching your family’s genealogy for a while, I am pretty certain you have discovered that immigration documents are frequently scattered and difficult to locate. But that’s not the only problem, the quality and availability of any documentation is, also, quite variable: running the gamut from excellent to non-existent.

Generally speaking, I personally, am not a “huge fan” of Passenger Lists and the like. In my experience, the materials I find are too often not worth the effort it took to track them down. Having said that though, I have to acknowledge that the occasional discovery can be truly amazing.  Quoting from (underlining added by me…):

Passenger arrival records can help you determine when an ancestor arrived and the ports of departure and arrival. They can also be used to identify family and community members who arrived together as well as the country they came from.

And so it is in this spirit of hope and discovery that I decided to gather and provide the following links and texts. These are the same documents and links I use in my research. As always, if you are happy researching on your own using materials from ManyRoads, you are welcome to do so. If the fact that:

  • there are so many documents to wade through -or-
  • not all of them are in English

is daunting to you, do not hesitate to ask for help. We are happy to conduct searches through our materials on your behalf, for a nominal fee.

Deutsche-Preußische Auswanderungen (German-Prussian Immigration)- Click to view

Immigrants to North America- Click to view

Immigration Information Links- Click to view


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