East & West Prussia (WW2-era)

Wappen Freie Stadt Danzig

The Senger Farm and their Heimatland (homeland) was about 9km. from Elbing in Westpreußen (West Prussia) also known as Freie Stadt DanzigFree City (State) of Danzig (1920- 1939).  This album includes place images and event related photographs of that region.

The images in this gallery focus on the time and events of WW2 (such as images are available).

For more details, information, and writings regarding our Senger family, please visit the Senger genealogy page.

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WW2 & Post-WW2 Photos of Ost und Westpreußen (East & West Prussia)

Aerial Photos of Prussia (WW2-era)

Ost und Westpreußen in der Krieg (East & West Prussia during WW2)

Preußen in der Nachkriegzeit (Prussia after WW2)


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