Elbing as it once was (Elbing Damals).

These are images of Elbing in West Prussia- the City and its surrounding environs. The photos and images presented here precede the destruction and the German Expulsion – “Ethnic Cleansing” of the region by the allies following World War 2.

Many of the photos here have been sourced from the web and are presented are under fair use rights. Most of our photos were originally published as postcards and have been enhanced for viewing in a web browser.

Should you happen to have any Photos of the following areas prior to the German Expulsion after WW2 (1947?) that you are willing to share with us, we would LOVE to hear from you (Please use our Contact page to get in touch):

  • Elbing (Kreis Elbing)
  • Ellerwald
  • Grosses Werder
  • Jungfer
  • Stube
  • Tiegenhof
  • Zeyer
  • Zeyervorderkampen
  • Zeyerniederkampen -or-
  • anywhere near that area of West/ East Prussia
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