The Senger family had lived in Kreis Elbing/ Kreis Grosses Werder/ Kreis Danzig area of Prussia since at least the late 1600's. Both 20th Century World Wars took a heavy toll on the entire 'clan'. Many family members and all the Senger lands and possessions were either destroyed or taken.

Those who were not killed in the fighting were forced to leave Kreis Elbing as a result of the WW2 allies ethnic cleansing pogroms following the defeat of Germany. Along with as many as 12 million other Germans the Sengers were either force marched to work in Russian labor (concentration) camps or ultimately expelled from their own lands.

Finally ending up in Bavaria with none of their possessions except their lives... the Richard Senger family were among the fortunate ones, they found each other and survived.

Bei Pietzkendorf


Damals in Preussen


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