Expertise, Associations & Memberships

Mark Rabideau of ManyRoads is pleased to enumerate his genealogy expertise as well as his genealogical memberships, affiliations, and associations.

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Major Areas of Genealogical Expertise:

  • East & West Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Silesia (pre-1948 formerly Eastern Germany, now largely parts of Poland, Russia, Lithuania)
  • Shoah (Holocaust) Jewish Research
  • Prussian Mennonites
  • Swiss-Alsacian Mennonites-Amish
  • New France (Quebec)
  • Upstate New York & Vermont
  • South Eastern Iowa
  • Genealogy Supportive Technologies, Websites, etc.
  • Name ‘morphing’- dealing with imprecise or inaccurate Names

German Workshop(s)

  • RootsWeb 2015, 2016, 2017 German-Prussia workshop- Parker (Colorado) LDS Family History Center
  • 2nd Thursday German-Prussian-Polish Workshop- Parker (Colorado) LDS Family History Center

Guest Speaker

  • Parker (Colorado) Genealogical Society, Guest Lecturer (Speaker)
  • Parker (Colorado) LDS Family History Center, Guest Lecturer (Speaker)
  • Castle Rock (Colorado) Genealogical Society, Guest Lecturer (Speaker)
  • Colorado Genealogical Society, Guest Lecturer (Speaker)


American-French Genealogical Society


  • Genealogy Supportive Technologies, Websites (development and maintenance)
  • Online Genealogy Tools (research, communication, networking, etc.)

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