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Because I have been asked to provide my areas of interest and credentials to various genealogical groups, for the purpose of identifying future presentation & webinar options, I have elected to create this page.  As a technologist (a.k.a geek), it seems only appropriate to use this format and forum.  This page will dynamically update itself as my list of potential topic areas/ subjects grows and shrinks…

Please note: we can conduct almost any presentation remotely, without consuming travel costs. We simply need to have access to, any of many, web technologies that allow remote desktop or image sharing, verbal broadcast, etc. If you believe your group might be interested in scheduling a webinar (remotely conducted presentation), please contact me directly to discuss options and arrangements.

Contact Information:

Mark F. Rabideau
711 Nob Hill Trail
Franktown, CO 80117
Website: http://many-roads.com
email: ([email protected]Note: Because the email address is encoded, you will need to open email and type the email address).
You may also use our Contact page to get in touch with me.

Major Areas of Genealogical Expertise
  • East & West Prussia, Pomerania (pre-1948 formerly Eastern Germany, now Poland)
  • New France (Quebec)
  • Norway- Sweden
  • Genealogy Supportive Technologies, Websites, etc.
  • Name ‘morphing’- dealing with imprecise or inaccurate Names
Scheduled Events/ Previous Speaking News
Potential Topics

I suspect that no one will request my ‘august’ presence on very short notice.  If that assumption is correct (you have to love nested assumptions), anything in the list above and in the list below is a potential for a genealogical presentation/ talk.
We can conduct presentations remotely (as noted above) or I can travel to your group. Whichever works best for your group, works best for me.
Fees: Negotiable
Travel: to be covered by the hiring group at US Federal Travel Regulation rates… or at something that seems reasonable to me.
Equipment Needs: provided by the hiring group.  I can bring my own PC but everything else needs to be provided ie. Projection, Printing, etc. If we do a remote presentation, then we need to plan for your specific requirements.

Topic Area Suggestions

(as previously posted on ManyRoads)

One Comment

  1. Kathleen Patrick
    30 August, 2011 @ 6:49 pm

    I am the vice president of the Larimer County Genealogical Society and one of my responsibilities is scheduling speakers for our monthly meetings. We meet in Fort Collins the third Thursday from February through November. Our meetings start at 6:30 with the speaker at 7:15.
    Attendance ranges from 50 to 75 members.
    Would you be able to speak at one of our 2012 meetings on doing Canadian research? And if so, what would your fee be? Our society would make copies of any handouts you would have.
    Thank You,
    Kathleen Patrick
    Vice President
    Larimer County Genealogical Society

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