German Genealogy Pointers

Pommern Genealogy Research of Egon Giese

A few weeks ago, Egon Giese contacted me to ask if I was willing to post his largely Pomeranian genealogy research (Pommern Ahnenforschung) on ManyRoads. Naturally I could not refuse his exceedingly generous offer. This posting is the official announcement of his research materials availability on ManyRoads. For those who would like access to Egon’s(…)

digibiblio German Database a project (subsidiary) of is offering Free user registration through the end (28) of February 2014.  The digitized data they offer generally consists of digitized Ahnenpässen (passports), Familienstammbüchern (family books) and GEDCOM files. If you are looking for “a needle in the haystack”, this could afford you an unexpected/ free opportunity(…)

Hesse (Prussia) Genealogy Research

As many of you may already know, the region of the world sometimes referred to as Prussia was both large and diverse, incorporating lands far beyond East & West Prussia. My wife’s family comes from one such area, the lands between Kassel and Darmstadt in what is today: Hessen, Germany. If you, like me, are(…)

Research help in Polish Archives & Collections – Forschung in polnischen Archiven, Behörden

  For those interested in getting genealogical research assistance/help in the former German Eastern provinces of today’s Poland the note below offers some useful guidance.  If you do not read German please run the note through Google Translate or similar.   ——– Original Message ——– Hallo liebe Listenteilnehmer, immer wieder taucht hier die Frage auf(…)

Ethnic German Genealogy

If you are interested in getting and sharing information, tips & pointers regarding the search for German Ancestors, Ethnic German Research may be the “perfect” LinkedIn Group for you. As many of you already know, I have a “small” but “abiding” interest in conducting German Research.  My primary areas of interest include (but are not limited(…)

German Genealogy Research Aids

Based on email traffic I have seen lately, it seems to me that all too many people think they are doomed to failure with their German genealogical research simply because they are unfamiliar with the German language (dialects) or unaware of German speaking peoples’ histories. Knowing something about German and “the history of German speaking(…)

Eastern Germans, a cold case?

Searching for missing or lost family members from the former German Eastern Provinces can be quite a challenge. As you may already know, following the WW2 defeat of Germany by the allies, almost all ethnic Germans were ‘cleansed’ from their former homes in East/ West Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, etc. (as well as much of Eastern(…)

Danzig- Westpreussen (West Prussia) Heimatortskartei

For those wishing to gain access to photographic images of the actual Heimatortskartei from the towns, cities & villages which were near what used to be Danzig in West Prussia, they are available on FamilySearch. (LINK to Danziger Gebiet (Area ) Westpreussen (West Prussia) Heimatortskartei). These represent images of a civil register (handwritten and printed(…)

Kick-starting your genealogy efforts

I have put this little reminder checklist together to help me and others quickly examine our obvious options when we either are stuck or just getting started. This list is hardly exhaustive and if you try everything here without success you should not feel like you have to throw your hands up in despair, there(…)

Finding German War Dead

If, like me, you seek relatives who fought on the German side of a war, you might have experienced difficulty in finding information about these forebears. One of the most useful online services I have encountered in this area is the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (link below).  It is through the wonderful efforts of the Kriegsgräberfürsorge(…)

“Un-German” German Names

Last evening, my wife and I watched a documentary on Poland, it covered the Gdansk (Danzig)- Szczecin (Stettin) area in particular. Baltic Coasts – Hidden Treasures: Explore the coastline from Vistula Lagoon via Gdansk Bay to the sandy beaches and steep cliffs of Pomerania and West-Pomerania. The reason for this post involves what I learned(…)

Understanding the German Past

German Genealogy is not much different from any other genealogy. You really need to have a plan as you begin your research, especially if you are unfamiliar with the region/ area or time period. Never assume that one locale looks like or offers information or data in the same as another. Each area, region or(…)

Finding German Genealogy Data

So where are the best places to find German Genealogy data? I hear this question, or something similar, often.  Perhaps it is because I am an American that I notice, but it seems most Americans I hear from expect to find German Genealogical record keeping and data ought to mirror that in the US. Unfortunately,(…)

German Name Spellings

For those unfamiliar with, or simply wishing to learn more about, conducting German/ Prussian genealogical research this is my second posting in a series on the topic of German-Prussian Genealogy Pointers. One of the greatest difficulties people have with researching Germanic family members involves name spellings.  This is especially true for those English speakers.  Over(…) queries in seconds.