DNA analysis

Numerous folks have requested information on the results of my DNA analysis.  (I used 23andMe to run my analysis.) The following links will hopefully provide an adequate review of the information I am willing to make publicly available.  Should you desire additional information/ particulars, please contact me directly; I may, or may not, be willing […]

Using Mendeley &tc. for Genealogy Research

As I mentioned in an earlier post, recently I came across a VERY promising research tool to assist in gathering, sorting, and sharing research source materials.  That tool is called Mendeley .  It enhances, compliments, and can even replace tools like Zotero.  It, also, links interactively with desktop word processing tools like LibreOffice/OpenOffice and perhaps […]

Data gathering tools (new, to me)

As a genealogist that conducts much of his research on the web, good data and image gathering tools are extremely helpful.  As a person who relies heavily on the PC as a genealogical repository and information processor, tools that help me sort and process the information I gather are highly valued (prized).  In all fairness, […]

Finding Genealogy Software (more) pointers…

In keeping with the theme of my previous posting, here are some additional pointers to genealogy software and software reviews. Be aware that none of the listings are complete, nor do they over-lap to any significant amount. Each list is “somewhat” to “a lot” unique.  Additionally you should note, not all the listings or reviews […]

When considering new Genealogy Software…

As most of our readers know, I belong to numerous on-line forums and discussion threads.  Lately there have been numerous requests for assistance in the selection of Genealogy software. Hopefully this post will provide some help in that vein while making the responses obtained via email from the discussion forums both more meaningful and valuable. […]

Presenting family genealogies on the web

Presenting readable, genealogical information, data, and stories is a complex challenge.  It seems to me that people’s lives ought to be expressed as more than family trees, dates, and lineages.  I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while.  Perhaps you have as well. Over the years, I have noticed a few ‘special’ […]

The Former German Provinces & Missing Persons Search

If you, like me, research and search for family through the area of West Prussia (Westpreussen)- East Prussia (Ostpreussen) and Pomerania (Pommern), these sites will be of interest.  I have also listed all these sites on the links page of ManyRoads. (Please Note! the links to external webpages are in the headers themselves and they […]

Polish Archives

For those interested in such things, a number of ‘online’ Polish Archives have recently come to my attention.  They include: Archiwa Panstwowe- State Archive in Poznan Archiwum Archidiecezjalne w Poznaniu (Archidiocese of Poznan Archive) Genealogical Society of Great Poland “Gniazdo” Although many of these site pages offer English translations, I find the translated documents to […]

Google Search “Automated Tricks”

Randy Majors has created a genealogy Google query tool that seems quite helpful. His search  tool attempts to optimize Google searches. You may test it directly below. If you prefer to use Randy Major’s site directly, please use this link! Thank you Karl for the tip!

Image Search “Google Tricks”

So you search for images as well, you say. I know I do. I find the search for images to be something of an obsession for me. I especially value those photos I am able to find that are of the German Expulsion or the area around Elbing in the former West Prussia, where my […]

Genealogy Tips- Backup! Whoa, it’s Free?!?

It is hard enough finding genealogy information and losing it has always seemed like a bad idea to me. I am writing this post today in hopes of helping you save your genealogy data… and just perhaps, just perhaps, you will take advantage of this risk-free, cost-free suggestion and back things up before you lose […]

ManyRoads Library Changes Underway

For those seeking source documents from former German areas in the region of West/ East Prussia I have added numerous Elbing City Yearbooks along with other data. In addition, I am completely reformatting the ManyRoads library pages. The reason for the alterations on ManyRoads stems from a contact I received this week. It seems certain […]

Rituel du Diocèse de Québec

If you are performing research in Quebec, the Rituel du Diocèse de Québec may prove useful in providing clues regarding the name or names of your ancestors. To quote the PRDH: Among Catholics, choice of first name wasn’t left to chance or parents’ imagination. On the contrary, the church liked to control the attribution of […]

Finding German War Dead

If, like me, you seek relatives who fought on the German side of a war, you might have experienced difficulty in finding information about these forebears. One of the most useful online services I have encountered in this area is the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge (link below).  It is through the wonderful efforts of the Kriegsgräberfürsorge […]

“Un-German” German Names

Last evening, my wife and I watched a documentary on Poland, it covered the Gdansk (Danzig)- Szczecin (Stettin) area in particular. Baltic Coasts – Hidden Treasures: Explore the coastline from Vistula Lagoon via Gdansk Bay to the sandy beaches and steep cliffs of Pomerania and West-Pomerania. The reason for this post involves what I learned […]

Understanding the German Past

German Genealogy is not much different from any other genealogy. You really need to have a plan as you begin your research, especially if you are unfamiliar with the region/ area or time period. Never assume that one locale looks like or offers information or data in the same as another. Each area, region or […]

Finding German Genealogy Data

So where are the best places to find German Genealogy data? I hear this question, or something similar, often.  Perhaps it is because I am an American that I notice, but it seems most Americans I hear from expect to find German Genealogical record keeping and data ought to mirror that in the US. Unfortunately, […]

German Name Spellings

For those unfamiliar with, or simply wishing to learn more about, conducting German/ Prussian genealogical research this is my second posting in a series on the topic of German-Prussian Genealogy Pointers. One of the greatest difficulties people have with researching Germanic family members involves name spellings.  This is especially true for those English speakers.  Over […]

Conducting Better German Research

Recently, I have received numerous queries on how to get started or better conduct German genealogy research.  Rather than simply email folks one at a time, I thought a post on the subject might be useful. By way of background, I ought to state that almost everyone I hear from tells me that they are: […]

Whoa, Backup!

Backups, file duplication, redundancy, security are essential dimensions of performing quality genealogy work; well honestly they are required for any type of computing.  Having said that, most people don’t bother with any of this unless, and until, they have a catastrophe, and even then only for a short while after an accident. To my mind […]

Genealogy- iPad or Netbook?

Lately, I have gotten a lot of questions about the little computers I carry around to help with my genealogy tasks. Questions like: What do you think of the iPad? Do you like your Netbook? In general, people want to know how I like the devices and whether they should consider buying one or more […]

Frieda Senger- Cyrillic Conversion

As many of you are aware, I have been trying to decipher a Russian document that Soviets created as justification for sending my grandmother into a Gulag following WW2. To help me with my sleuthing, I have found and used the following tools: Russian letters & script Russian online keyboard Automatic Cyrillic Converter My grandmother’s […]

New Translation function

A new web-page translation function has been added to ManyRoads. The Wibiya bar, where our translation function was previously provided, has been eliminated. We eliminated the bar based in large part on the recommendations and comments of Matt Mullenweg (the designer/inventor of WordPress). Additionally, you may have noticed that the performance of ManyRoads had begun […]

Genealogy & Social Networking Technologies #2- Twitter

Surprisingly, Twitter has become an essential communication vehicle for me. And, no one is more surprised than I am. I never thought that I would become a Twitter user, much less become one of those people who rely on Twitter. Initially,I thought that Twitter was both frivolous and oriented towards the younger folks. I guess […]

Genealogy & Social Networking Technologies #1

Social networking (media) ought to be a useful adjunct to genealogy research. Or more complexly stated, genealogy and genealogists should benefit greatly through improved interpersonal, Internet communications technology (better known as social networking).  Of late, I have been trying to employ a number of web oriented ‘social’ technologies in an effort to up ManyRoads site […]

ManyRoads Sentinel

Genealogy is a twitter (a bad pun, I know). We have created our first twitter based online Newspaper (using The ManyRoads Sentinel is now accessible via our new News! link on the top banner of ManyRoads. I hope you find the articles and news items both informative and useful. As time progresses, I will […]

Cloudflare & ManyRoads

Website security & speed are crucial to your genealogy site. Like most websites, genealogy sites are under daily attacked from hackers and information thieves. If you are interested in the latest technology available to speed and secure your site I recommend taking a look at Cloudflare. ManyRoads has been running the beta version of Cloudflare now […]

GPS & Genealogy

Should genealogy rely on GPS data?  When I recently heard the query, it gave me pause especially since people seemed pretty agitated over the point. I have to admit, it does seem that the value of GPS data is a point worth pondering, at least for a little while. It is probably worth noting that […]

Site transfer, phase 1 – completed

Phase one of the ManyRoads transfer to is now complete. At least, it looks good from my end. We have moved a lot of files (about 60,000 of the little and huge buggers); not much of this transition has been easy.  My daughter and son-in-law have proven immensely helpful in the transition; and my […]

Traditional Genealogical Sources #1

What is a traditional genealogical source?  To me that seemed to be a good question. So naturally, I Googled the term ‘Traditional genealogical source’ to see what I would find. The first item I came up with was the topic of a January/February 2003 issue of Ancestry Magazine by Mark Howells: Tombstone inscriptions have been […]

Genealogy & PC Operating Systems

Which Operating system is best? Mac, Linux, Windows? Well aside from the inaccuracy of the phraseology in the above query, this is a question I often see discussed, debated, and fought with religious fervor.  Truth of the matter is quite simple.  Use the operating system you like best- for me that means Ubuntu Linux.  For […]

Heimatsortskartei & a true history

By the end of WW2, the destruction of Germany was nearly total. Almost every city had been leveled; the remnants of families were scattered all over Germany, Europe, North and South America. Everyone had lost family members or friends. According to Wikipedia losses in the Third Reich were: Country Population 1939 Military deaths Civilian deaths […]

Technology Advantages

Technology can and should be an crucial adjunct to your genealogical efforts.  As a matter of fact, I contend that no effort is complete, nor can your genealogy efforts be fully effective, without effective technological support.  The support can be as simple as using a word processor or as complex as writing large databases to […]

Outside the box

Genealogy is where you find it. Most often those looking for their relatives follow the tried and true paths of searching the Internet as well as searching the ‘traditional’ genealogy venues such as town halls, LDS Family History Centers, etc. Many people even go so far as to restrict their searches to the Internet only, […]

The best non-genealogy genealogy places #3

I debated whether or not this was the correct title for my posting but settled on it anyway! I really do not have a long list of items to present here, but rather a very small listing with only two, wonderful, non-genealogy genealogy places; they are: Flea markets Antique shows Yesterday, my wife, mother-in-law and […]

Tools for date calculations

Date calculations are quite useful and necessary in doing genealogy work. If you are like me, I constantly need to count backwards and forward from one event to another: death to birth, birth to marriage, etc. I find this type of calculation is more necessary when there is a paucity of information and documentation available […]

Changes on ManyRoads

The changes are a-coming! Some of the changes to the site are fairly significant others tiny.  However, although I have tested them all, I would greatly appreciate hearing from our readers if they are either helpful or problematic.  Please use our contact page or the comments on this page to let me know what you […]

ManyRoads Improvements

In an effort to improve the speed and performance of ManyRoads, we have initiated several crucial improvements. At least, I hope they are improvements. Included among these are: Installed Cache (Quick Cache Plugin) on the site; our cache is set to refresh every 60 minutes and immediately on page changes We tweaked our wp-config file […]

Here today…gone tomorrow

Grab the data while you can.  I guess that is what every online genealogist needs to have as their motto these days. Today I uploaded a very useful (helpful) WordPress plugin called: Broken Link Checker- It checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found. […]

Free Genealogy Forms, Software, etc.

Genealogy Free Stuff! Free Genealogy Forms, Clip Art, Books, and more Family tree templates are only available through a few select websites. Usually you have to have a membership to receive free printable blank family trees or purchase each family tree chart individually. Here you’ll find high quality charts that you can print on your […]

Technology for Genealogy

Are you looking to establish a web presence for your genealogy work? Do you want to communicate more effectively to a diverse audience that is geographically dispersed? Communicating your genealogical facts to friends and family can be both rewarding and important. At eirenicon and ManyRoads, we pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism of our […]

Free- Basic Family Tree Service

I just stumble upon a free service for those looking for a simple online Family Tree website. To quote the service itself: Family Tree Guide Family Tree Guide is about convenience. Placing your family tree online with your own website and website address could never be simpler then what we offer. Our goal is to […]

Created with Free Software #3

There are a fairly astonishing number of hidden and nearly hidden functions on good websites. In communities communication between members is essential. The same is true of the internet.    Good websites speak with one another and need to be known to each other.  To accomplish these objectives ManyRoads employs additional hidden and not quite hidden […]

Created with Free Software #2

One of the great strengths of using an open source (or I suppose for fee) web development toolkit like WordPress is the wealth of add-ons that are available for you to employ to augment your site’s functionality and reach. As I noted in an earlier posting, I am going to attempt to highlight several adjunctive […]

A good home

Everyone one needs a good home.  Your family website is no exception. There are lots of reasons to choose one method over another, we have settled on having a company ISP- Internet Service Provider) run our web-site operations (data center and network) for us. We tried running our own server in our home for several […]

Created with Free Software #1

If you were watching closely, you probably noticed a new logo at the bottom on the ManyRoads web pages. Although the image links to the single most popular piece of open source software that I use on ManyRoads, there are numerous additional tools employed in the creation and management of our website and family history. […]

Protect your stuff…

There are genealogy thieves out there! Because of certain circumstances as well as the nature of our information, we have taken the drastic action of providing copy protection for all data and images on the WordPress side of ManyRoads.  Believe me, we do enjoy sharing our information, we truly do. We just want to know […]

What Genealogy Tool is best?

Many search but few find… I think that old quote pretty much sums up what happens when searching for the right genealogical toolset. Too often, people believe that their hardware or operating platform defines their selection choices.  In truth, it rarely does.  Almost any tool can be run on any platform.  Certainly a bit of […]

Further WordPress – GRAMPS Integration

With the latest release of GRAMPS (version 3.2.2) I have been able to more tightly integrate the WebSite output of GRAMPS with the ManyRoads site.  With this most recent release I have the flexibility of generating html pages- YAY!  I am now able to provide the following functions quite easily: I can add an image […]

Merging Genealogy “Branches”

Merging branches (also known as cutting and pruning) is something you will most certainly need to do; unless you never make mistakes!  I just encountered a situation like that with my Deyo Branch (I seem to enjoy making mistakes in this line…). By way of providing background, a newly discovered relative was kind enough to […]

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