Translation Service (Fee based)

ManyRoads is pleased to anounce a new translation service for German/English and English/German.  And… For those of you who have read my German, you know it can’t be a service provided by me! Truthfully… if you seek professional and expert “English to German” or “German to English” translations (old German & Fractur/ Gothic script included), […]

Pages & Posts- new site functions

We are pleased to announce that ManyRoads now allows for the Printing of both our Posts and Pages.  At the bottom of our site Pages, you will see a small Print Icon and label; the same icon and banner appear in our Post banner.  Simply click on the Print icon to generate a printable document.  […]

’tis the season

We wish all our relatives, readers and friends the most Joyous of Holiday Seasons! May your lives be filled with Peace, Joy and Happiness, always.

This week @ ManyRoads

As folks may have noticed, this week has been pretty busy.  To summarize my activities, they break into two major groups “some that you see” and “some that you don’t”.

Why Djvu and not PDF?

As many of you have probably noticed, I am in the process of uploading, and making available, documents that use a DJVU file format.  Perhaps a brief explanation of the rationale is in order. To quote the authors of DJVU: Many products and technologies are available today for storing and distributing digital images. However, most […]

Recent Changes

Lately I have added several new links to the Links directory and to our Online Library Reference Texts.  Additionally I have been busy with the following: updating the post-1800 Church record available materials from the Zeyer ev. Kirche Ordered the final materials from the LDS Church for Zeyer ev. Kirche joined numerous Yahoo Groups on […]

Conversion! We are GREEN!

We apologize for the rough performance of the ManyRoads site during this time.  Because of the increased use and traffic on our site we are transferring everything  to a new server, rather than continuing to limp along on an old PC located in our basement.  Aside from providing us with more space, we should have […]

Site Guest Functions!

We are very pleased to announce our newest Guest tracking tools. You can see where ManyRoads website readers have come from. Simply click on the Guests menu options (either on the top of the page or on the right hand menu). You will be take to a page that contains a visitors map. Enjoy! Oh […]

ManyRoads Updates

The following items have been fixed on ManyRoads:

Updated & New Information

20 October was a very productive day at the Family History Center.  Aside from starting a bit late due to delayed keys, a lot of new information was discovered including: all the dates of birth and christenings for Richard Senger’s siblings were unearthed a previously unknown sibling for Richard was found, Theodor Senger birth dates […]

ToDo List

The following research is currently underway (as tasks are completed they will be annotated with strike through):


I have added a very powerful feature to the ManyRoads site called TreeMagic- Cypress.  TM-Cypress is a javascript tool that allows a webmaster (me in this case) to provide site users with easy information access from a place in their site (ManyRoads) to selected websites, including this one.   I know that sounds a bit confusing […]

TNG Integration

We are working at providing a functioning single username/ password link to our genealogical information.  To-date, we still have integration difficulties.

Fair Use

ManyRoads may contain material copyrighted by others. ManyRoads makes any such such material available in an effort to advance an understanding of information related to our family history and circumstances. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance […]

How-to OCR Documents

As a Linux user, I have access to a tool called Tesseract for doing my OCR work.  This tool is multi-lingual and easy to use (although not so simple that I can do it from rote).  An excellent set of instructions are available at How-to Forge. For even higher levels of accuracy you might try […]

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