We have moved!

Today is our first day on our new server. Please let us know if you experience any problems, troubles, abnormalities. It is our hope that the new server will both be faster and more stable than our last server.  Over the past few months we have experienced almost daily downtime.  Although those service interruptions were […]

Address-book & Download Problem Update

For those of you who access & use the ManyRoads Address-books and other Download pages, I have finally repaired the problems with the pages. At least, I hope I have! Based upon my testing, the Download and Address-book pages all refresh now with each load.  If I am right, you should find the correct document […]

ManyRoads, update!

I apologize for the past week’s site outages. The ManyRoads site performance spiked wildly and was shut down for 12 hours on Thursday by our host provider. Unfortunately, Thursday was a travel day for me and  the fix took many hours longer than normal to ‘repair’.  Since Thursday’s ‘shut-down’, I have done a lot of […]

ManyRoads Performance Issues

Sadly, many of you may have noticed that we were off line for a bit; and that our site has been bouncing around, while someone (me) has been frantically attempting to repair site performance difficulties.  I guess it is safe to say, we are getting a bit on the large size, and exercise alone won’t […]

ManyRoads Update- October 2011

First off I want to apologize for the few month hiatus in ManyRoads Updates.  By way of a brief explanation, things have been extremely stressful and busy for us from a personal, family perspective.  But as we all know, life is like that sometimes… From a genalogical perspective, things have also been very busy and […]

ManyRoads Update- May 2011

As you may have noticed May 2011 was quite a busy month on ManyRoads.  It was the first month we experienced more than 10,000 unique visits.  I always am amazed at how the traffic ebbs and flows. Per normal our most active countries are the US and Germany; I wonder why? hmmmm. Other notes: A […]

Ancestor Approved Award

Sassy Jane Genealogy: was nice enough a few months ago to give ManyRoads the Ancestor Approved Award. Sassy, I apologize for my delay in responding to the honor you offered ManyRoads. The honor is truly much appreciated and by now hopefully even a bit more deserved. The
 Ancestor Approved Award, for those who may not […]

ManyRoads Library Changes Underway

For those seeking source documents from former German areas in the region of West/ East Prussia I have added numerous Elbing City Yearbooks along with other data. In addition, I am completely reformatting the ManyRoads library pages. The reason for the alterations on ManyRoads stems from a contact I received this week. It seems certain […]

100,000 Visitor

Today (a snowy Colorado day in May) ManyRoads was visited by our 100,000 visitor. What can we say except, thank you! We know that by big site standards this is not a high traffic rate, but for us 100,000+ unique visitors is both amazing and wonderful. If you find our little site of benefit, please […]

9th Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

I apologize for delay in getting our semi-irregular newletter out.  Things have been a bit hectic and my network has been unreliable.  Also for those who follow my writings in the various Groups within which I am a participant, you may have noticed I have been uploading a lot of information to ManyRoads.  Unfortunately that […]

New Translation function

A new web-page translation function has been added to ManyRoads. The Wibiya bar, where our translation function was previously provided, has been eliminated. We eliminated the bar based in large part on the recommendations and comments of Matt Mullenweg (the designer/inventor of WordPress). Additionally, you may have noticed that the performance of ManyRoads had begun […]

8th Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

First, let me apologize for the delay in publishing the ManyRoads, semi-irregular Newsletter.  But as you might imagine, things here have been busy, hectic, and ‘interesting’.  Holidays, the end of the year plus some unanticipated technological & familial ‘adventures’ have all played their part in the delay.  Oh well…. From a genealogy perspective things have […]

Seventh Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

Happy Holidays! As we are now in the midst of the largest annual holiday season, I think it is time for me to quickly write and publish our monthly News Letter. As always, it is on our extraordinarily accurate, semi-irregular schedule. The past month has been quite busy for me both from a genealogy/ ManyRoads […]

Sixth Semi-irregular ManyRoads Newsletter

I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting our almost regularly scheduled, nearly monthly ManyRoads NewsLetter out. The past month has provided quite some challenges (mostly technical). 22-24 October proved to be quite a challenge for us at ManyRoads. Our old web host (hostpapa) shut ManyRoads down because of our excessive server memory and CPU […]

Family friends…

Who says genealogy is not full of surprises? Well, not me! Over the past few months I have had the wonderful good fortune of coming into to contact with two magnificent people (families). One of them grew up near the village(?) where my grandmother (Frieda Senger) was born and raised- Pietzkendorf.  The other has been […]

A Banner Day!

11 months to the day from when we began ‘full-scale’ usage of WordPress on ManyRoads, we were graced by our 50,000 visitor. 13 November 2010 is truly a landmark day for ManyRoads. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of our 50,000 visitor; however, we do know that they have visited us some 81 times […]

Cloudflare & ManyRoads

Website security & speed are crucial to your genealogy site. Like most websites, genealogy sites are under daily attacked from hackers and information thieves. If you are interested in the latest technology available to speed and secure your site I recommend taking a look at Cloudflare. ManyRoads has been running the beta version of Cloudflare now […]

Visit updates

Even though ManyRoads was completely down due to ISP problems for two days in October, we were still blessed with our highest number of visits ever. Thank you! In October, we had more than 7300 unique visits. This means, on average, more than 235 folks stopped by for a visit each day. Based upon our […]

Site transfer, phase 1 – completed

Phase one of the ManyRoads transfer to is now complete. At least, it looks good from my end. We have moved a lot of files (about 60,000 of the little and huge buggers); not much of this transition has been easy.  My daughter and son-in-law have proven immensely helpful in the transition; and my […]

Another apology!

It saddens me greatly to say that ManyRoads has been down for nearly 20 hours. As I noted in an earlier message, my previous Internet Service Provider was unable to provide me with informative error messages.  As a result, I was unable to tune the ManyRoads site to address its performance difficulties. We simply were […]

Site transfer upcoming

Hello all, We are changing ManyRoads hosting from to  We have encountered numerous performance issues which seem unresolvable on hostpapa.  Hopefully, we will see an improvement on our new web locale. We hope that downtime is minimal but apologize in advance for any service interruptions. Over the next month or two, we intend […]

14 October 2010 Update

Well it’s about time for the ManyRoads Monthly Update-Newsletter. The past month has been quite eventful. Among the most interesting events to occur during the past month is that our visitor numbers have grown moved from around 130 per day to nearly 200 per day. I understand that for large sites, we are still pikers.  […]


Amazing! Wonderful. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our readership. During the month of Septemeber, we experienced our largest readership ever, nearly 6500 of you stopped by for a bit. More precisely, 6497 of you visited. Never before had we crested 5000 vistors in one month, let alone 6000. We hope you will […]

ManyRoads Updates – Sept 11 2010

A lot has gone during the past month or so. Not only have we added a lot of new material to ManyRoads but we have achieved some important milestones, as well.  Per normal, rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will outline most of the key happenings. But before I do that, […]

Some nice notice for ManyRoads!

ManyRoads has had the great good fortune of being linked on several very nice genealogy websites. I must admit I am really pleased with the listings. I am also a bit ashamed to say that I missed noticing one of them for more than 8 months. I guess that just shows how ‘quick’ I can […]

ManyRoads- apology!

I apologize for the fact that ManyRoads was down this morning (18 August 2010) from about 0200 until 0900 Mountain Daylight Time. Late last night, we experienced a resource usage problem and exceeded allowable usage limits on our server. A software script (cron) created too many ‘background processes’, ran wild, and ate up a lot […]

Changes on ManyRoads

The changes are a-coming! Some of the changes to the site are fairly significant others tiny.  However, although I have tested them all, I would greatly appreciate hearing from our readers if they are either helpful or problematic.  Please use our contact page or the comments on this page to let me know what you […]


ManyRoads has been acknowledged as providing a helpful source of original Prussian & German archives and documentation by Archivalia.  You may see our mention on their site. As perhaps most of you already know, it is our objective to be a provider of useful genealogical and historical information, especially with regards to those areas we […]

ManyRoads Improvements

In an effort to improve the speed and performance of ManyRoads, we have initiated several crucial improvements. At least, I hope they are improvements. Included among these are: Installed Cache (Quick Cache Plugin) on the site; our cache is set to refresh every 60 minutes and immediately on page changes We tweaked our wp-config file […]

Milestone Event

ManyRoads achieved a significant milestone during the month of July 2010. Over 5000 of you visited our site! Thank you! We hope to see you here often. Please know that if there is information or improvements you wish to share, we are eager to hear from you. Do not hesitate to use our contact page […]

ManyRoads Update- July 2010

A lot has gone during the past month or so. Not only have we added a lot of new material to ManyRoads but we have achieved some important milestones, as well.  Rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will outline most of the key happenings. But before I do that, a couple […]

25,000 plus Visitors!

ManyRoads just passed our 25,000th unique site visitor; we began counting on: 13 December 2009. Thank you! Thank you! We hope you have found the information, pointers, etc. on ManyRoads to be of value. I know that I have learned a lot, made many new new friends, found ‘new’ (not ‘lost’) relatives, and kept very […]


ManyRoads has just completed a rather extensive software upgrade. We moved from version 2.9.2 of WordPress to version 3.0. So far as I can tell things are working just fine, however… If you notice any problems I would greatly appreciate a message regarding the problem(s) so I can track them down and fix them.  Feel […]

Our readership

Yesterday was a high water mark for our readership numbers. We had 218 unique visits; our previously most active readership day was with 206. Thank you to everyone of you who spend time with us on ManyRoads. We are immensely pleased that you take the time to visit us. If you have comments or information […]

A good home

Everyone one needs a good home.  Your family website is no exception. There are lots of reasons to choose one method over another, we have settled on having a company ISP- Internet Service Provider) run our web-site operations (data center and network) for us. We tried running our own server in our home for several […]

Some updates from ManyRoads

We have added the following items to ManyRoads over the last few weeks: History of New France (4 really long posts) see them here. Two branches of our family genealogy including the Deyo Family and Senger Family. Guide on how-to integrate with GRAMPS. Reasons behind our choice to standardize on GRAMPS for our family genealogy […]

GRAMPS review and decision #3

Today we have published three (3) branches of our genealogy; two (2) are available for public access. Senger Branch (Public) Deyo Branch (Public) I have customized the output of GRAMPS standard web generation tools (NAVWEB) to create a look & feel that is consistent with the ManyRoads website. Please be aware that there remain bugs […]

On-line Tree(s)!

The first of our on-line family trees is now available- The Deyo Family Line. It is readily accessible from our Menus simply by selecting Genealogy and then Deyo Family (Branch).  Using the GRAMPS integration approach, there are no user/ password requirements for gaining access to and open family line. This portion of our tree is […]

GRAMPS review and decision #2

Based upon my decision to use GRAMPS as our primary genealogical database management environment, I have begun the transfer of family branches (both public and private) into our new format. If you look closely, you should notice the appearance of new page links from our various menus… As I undertake this transition, I will be […]

Genealogical is Data Coming Online

We are very pleased to announce that our genealogical data is finally coming online! Due to family concerns, not everything will be made available.  However, the information which can be, will be, provided to our readership.  Initially, the information will be through public access username/password combinations which we will provide. Ultimately, we hope to set […]

Weekend site maintenance

I apologize for any inconvenience but ManyRoads may experience performance problems due to server maintenance planned by our web host provider.  Time frames for the maintenance are 2300-0500 on both Saturday and Sunday (Eastern US time).

New Theme!

We found that our old website theme was getting a bit long in the tooth so we have made a change.  Obviously though we are not the only people reading the site.  To that end… We would greatly appreciate your comments on our new site layout, fonts, etc. We also would like to hear of […]

Our 10,000th visitor!

Today our 10,000 visitor since 13 December stopped by- December 13 2009 is the day we began tracking our visitors. During that same time, we have had more than 40,000 page reads on ManyRoads from all of you. THANK YOU everyone! We truly appreciate your interest and visits.  We hope you find our site to […]

Topics Index

I am working at providing and easier more direct method of getting to our pages, posts, maps, links, and downloads. If you want to check things out please visit our Topics page to see what I am up to these days. I am hoping to make “all” of our content reachable by no more that […]

Site enhancements

Over the weekend I have made a few changes that “are supposed” to help make our site more accessible. I would appreciate any feedback that you might have with respect to these new tools. Google Buzz: On each page you should notice a button to access and use Google Buzz. Assuming you are a user […]

Alert! Chrome & Tweets

Chrome, to my knowledge, does not ‘yet’ support reading DJVU files.  I have looked up and down for a plugin without any success.  If you are using Chrome on this site this deficiency will make reading documents difficult. Should you know of a way to read DJVU files in Chrome please share that with us […]

Database Problems

I apologize for the Database Connection Errors you may have been getting.  The problem is with our site control panel.  Our host is working to fix the problem.  I appreciate your patience and understanding.

A ManyRoads Update- 5 Feb 2010

The last few weeks have been quite interesting in terms of new discoveries, etc.  Per normal, I’ll simply enumerate them in an outline (I’m not feeling terribly prosaic right now). I discovered that my entire Deyo line and genealogy was wrong.  I had our lineage going through New Paltz and New Amsterdam.  It turns out […]

New Navigation

We have just installed a new approach to navigating the ManyRoads website.  Hopefully you will find it both easier and more productive than the previous approach. To quickly explain the system, there are two main tabbed menu blocks on the right.  Each tab opens a unique section.  Some of the sections contain menus and pointers, […]

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