Free Genealogy Forms, Software, etc.

Genealogy Free Stuff! Free Genealogy Forms, Clip Art, Books, and more Family tree templates are only available through a few select websites. Usually you have to have a membership to receive free printable blank family trees or purchase each family tree chart individually. Here you’ll find high quality charts that you can print on your […]

Technology for Genealogy

Are you looking to establish a web presence for your genealogy work? Do you want to communicate more effectively to a diverse audience that is geographically dispersed? Communicating your genealogical facts to friends and family can be both rewarding and important. At eirenicon and ManyRoads, we pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism of our […]

Personalized Genalogical Research Services

ManyRoads (an eirenicon llc group) is excited to announce that we now offer personalized, professional genealogical research services. Our areas of focus historically have been on those areas were we have researched for our own family genealogy and family history including: East & West Prussia (pre-1947; we have special expertise in the area formerly known […]

25,000 plus Visitors!

ManyRoads just passed our 25,000th unique site visitor; we began counting on: 13 December 2009. Thank you! Thank you! We hope you have found the information, pointers, etc. on ManyRoads to be of value. I know that I have learned a lot, made many new new friends, found ‘new’ (not ‘lost’) relatives, and kept very […]

Anabaptist Mennonite Tradition & Background

Much of the Robert Henss family background is rooted in Swiss and Iowa Anabaptist Mennonite traditions.  Many of our forebears were active participants and members of the following congregations. [Please note that this post will be updated as more information is uncovered]. Basel-Holee (Basel Switzerland) Basel-Holee, a Mennonite congregation with a meetinghouse at Holeestrasse 141 […]

Free- Basic Family Tree Service

I just stumble upon a free service for those looking for a simple online Family Tree website. To quote the service itself: Family Tree Guide Family Tree Guide is about convenience. Placing your family tree online with your own website and website address could never be simpler then what we offer. Our goal is to […]

ManyRoads Newsletter- 26 Jun 2010

Quite a bit has been added to the site since my last missive.  Rather than bore you with a lot of details, I will simply outline the changes. The major items or changes to ManyRoads include: A complete revamp of the Maps area on ManyRoads, providing easier access points and ‘more useful’ page layout. Complete […]


ManyRoads has just completed a rather extensive software upgrade. We moved from version 2.9.2 of WordPress to version 3.0. So far as I can tell things are working just fine, however… If you notice any problems I would greatly appreciate a message regarding the problem(s) so I can track them down and fix them.  Feel […]

Our readership

Yesterday was a high water mark for our readership numbers. We had 218 unique visits; our previously most active readership day was with 206. Thank you to everyone of you who spend time with us on ManyRoads. We are immensely pleased that you take the time to visit us. If you have comments or information […]

Created with Free Software #3

There are a fairly astonishing number of hidden and nearly hidden functions on good websites. In communities communication between members is essential. The same is true of the internet.    Good websites speak with one another and need to be known to each other.  To accomplish these objectives ManyRoads employs additional hidden and not quite hidden […]

Created with Free Software #2

One of the great strengths of using an open source (or I suppose for fee) web development toolkit like WordPress is the wealth of add-ons that are available for you to employ to augment your site’s functionality and reach. As I noted in an earlier posting, I am going to attempt to highlight several adjunctive […]

Elbinger Adressbücher

We are seeking to complete our collection of all known Elbing Prussia (Kreis Elbing Westpreussen) Address and Telephone Books. Please note we are only interested in obtaining copies of texts which were printed before 1945 prior to the ethnic cleansing and expulsion of the German population after the end of World War 2. A complete […]

A good home

Everyone one needs a good home.  Your family website is no exception. There are lots of reasons to choose one method over another, we have settled on having a company ISP- Internet Service Provider) run our web-site operations (data center and network) for us. We tried running our own server in our home for several […]

Created with Free Software #1

If you were watching closely, you probably noticed a new logo at the bottom on the ManyRoads web pages. Although the image links to the single most popular piece of open source software that I use on ManyRoads, there are numerous additional tools employed in the creation and management of our website and family history. […]

Copying DJVU Files

Sometimes you just want a copy of a text.  If that text is published using DJVU, here’s a fairly quick method for capturing and downloading a copy.  By the way, this should work on all the ManyRoads DJVU files as well. DJVU files can best and most predictably be downloaded from within the DJVU document […]

Protect your stuff…

There are genealogy thieves out there! Because of certain circumstances as well as the nature of our information, we have taken the drastic action of providing copy protection for all data and images on the WordPress side of ManyRoads.  Believe me, we do enjoy sharing our information, we truly do. We just want to know […]

Top 10 on ManyRoads

Over the past approximately 70,000 page reads on ManyRoads, the following pages have been most viewed by our readers: Adressbücher Flucht und Vertreibung Gallerie Kriegs- und Nachkriegserinnerungen Prussia (Germany) Frieda Senger -Suchdienst & Soviet Records Galleries Les Filles Du Roi- “Daughters of the King” Quebec Elbing Damals French Canadian Emigration to the United States, 1840-1930

What Genealogy Tool is best?

Many search but few find… I think that old quote pretty much sums up what happens when searching for the right genealogical toolset. Too often, people believe that their hardware or operating platform defines their selection choices.  In truth, it rarely does.  Almost any tool can be run on any platform.  Certainly a bit of […]

Further WordPress – GRAMPS Integration

With the latest release of GRAMPS (version 3.2.2) I have been able to more tightly integrate the WebSite output of GRAMPS with the ManyRoads site.  With this most recent release I have the flexibility of generating html pages- YAY!  I am now able to provide the following functions quite easily: I can add an image […]

Merging Genealogy “Branches”

Merging branches (also known as cutting and pruning) is something you will most certainly need to do; unless you never make mistakes!  I just encountered a situation like that with my Deyo Branch (I seem to enjoy making mistakes in this line…). By way of providing background, a newly discovered relative was kind enough to […]

15 Excellent & FREE Genealogy Sites

Numerous excellent FREE genealogy sites are available- probably too many to mention. Beyond the sites listed below from LovetoKnow, I suggest the following exceptional sites (obviously these relate heavily to my areas of research): Norwegian National Archives GenWIKI (German) Genealogy of Canada National Archives of Quebec (French) Progenealogists (Page of Links) sourced from LovetoKnow Roots […]

Share with Gendex

Share your information! It’s a really good idea. Almost certainly someone out there is looking for a family member or two of yours. The corollary is: you know how hard it has been for you to find reliable information, why not make it easier for everyone by generously making your work shareable. Of course, you […]

Some updates from ManyRoads

We have added the following items to ManyRoads over the last few weeks: History of New France (4 really long posts) see them here. Two branches of our family genealogy including the Deyo Family and Senger Family. Guide on how-to integrate with GRAMPS. Reasons behind our choice to standardize on GRAMPS for our family genealogy […]

GRAMPS – WordPress Integration

Integrating GRAMPS and WordPress is a very straightforward activity. Not a lot of special skills or tools are required in order to make this integration work smoothly. I have to say it is one of the things I like best about GRAMPS. A couple of points worth remembering (knowing?) first: Don’t expect to update your […]

Look in a mirror…

People fear the past… they fear their history.  I have had countless conversations with family genealogists who have problems bringing unwanted, or bad news to their families. The bad news is ‘how you say???’ — rarely well received. Bad news is a term I use loosely.  More precisely I am referring to the news that […]

GRAMPS review and decision #3

Today we have published three (3) branches of our genealogy; two (2) are available for public access. Senger Branch (Public) Deyo Branch (Public) I have customized the output of GRAMPS standard web generation tools (NAVWEB) to create a look & feel that is consistent with the ManyRoads website. Please be aware that there remain bugs […]

On-line Tree(s)!

The first of our on-line family trees is now available- The Deyo Family Line. It is readily accessible from our Menus simply by selecting Genealogy and then Deyo Family (Branch).  Using the GRAMPS integration approach, there are no user/ password requirements for gaining access to and open family line. This portion of our tree is […]

GRAMPS review and decision #2

Based upon my decision to use GRAMPS as our primary genealogical database management environment, I have begun the transfer of family branches (both public and private) into our new format. If you look closely, you should notice the appearance of new page links from our various menus… As I undertake this transition, I will be […]

Cleanup from #2

Ancestry files require a lot of clean-up before they are really useful or accurate.  As I noted earlier, the files themselves need to be scrubbed of duplicates, overlapping records and more. In order to accomplish these repairs, I use numerous tools to address the requisite tasks including: GRAMPS (a Linux Genealogical Toolset)- I like this […]

Genealogical is Data Coming Online

We are very pleased to announce that our genealogical data is finally coming online! Due to family concerns, not everything will be made available.  However, the information which can be, will be, provided to our readership.  Initially, the information will be through public access username/password combinations which we will provide. Ultimately, we hope to set […]

Weekend site maintenance

I apologize for any inconvenience but ManyRoads may experience performance problems due to server maintenance planned by our web host provider.  Time frames for the maintenance are 2300-0500 on both Saturday and Sunday (Eastern US time).

Norwegian Research

Norway offers exceptional internet research facilities for genealogy. Although we have not been working in the Sivertsen family line very long we have uncovered some very helpful web-tools. Thus far we have unearthed several excellent, dare I say indispensable,  tools: Norwegian Historical Data Centre (a wonderful repository) – The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) is […]

Scandinavia Research is underway

I have begun in earnest working on Becky’s side of the family.  This means research in both Norway and Sweden has started for me.  As one might expect the available references and information are a ‘tad’ difficult for non-native language speakers; and my German is not really very close to either Norwegian or Swedish! Having […]

Two speaking engagements

Tell your friends!  It’s now official. I will be speaking at two separate meetings of the Parker (Colorado) Genealogical Society. Meeting Location: Stroh Ranch Fire Station (New Location) 19310 Stroh Ranch Road Parker, Colorado 2nd Saturday of each month (except December will be the 1st Saturday) Business Meeting: 1:30pm – 2pm Speaker: 2pm – 3:30pm […]

New Theme!

We found that our old website theme was getting a bit long in the tooth so we have made a change.  Obviously though we are not the only people reading the site.  To that end… We would greatly appreciate your comments on our new site layout, fonts, etc. We also would like to hear of […]

Our 10,000th visitor!

Today our 10,000 visitor since 13 December stopped by- December 13 2009 is the day we began tracking our visitors. During that same time, we have had more than 40,000 page reads on ManyRoads from all of you. THANK YOU everyone! We truly appreciate your interest and visits.  We hope you find our site to […]

New Library Additions

Today we added a dozen+ new texts in our Quebec library. I hope you find them helpful.  Please feel free to let me know if there are other texts you’d like to see online, or if you encounter difficulties with ours.

The best non-genealogy genealogy places #1

Some of the most useful genealogy sites and locations, often are not genealogical in nature, include the following: Internet Archive.  This site is associated with the wayback machine, for those who remember that. The site provides access to a wealth of source documents, histories, etc.  All the documents provided are free of copyright encumbrances, which […]

Topics Index

I am working at providing and easier more direct method of getting to our pages, posts, maps, links, and downloads. If you want to check things out please visit our Topics page to see what I am up to these days. I am hoping to make “all” of our content reachable by no more that […]

Site enhancements

Over the weekend I have made a few changes that “are supposed” to help make our site more accessible. I would appreciate any feedback that you might have with respect to these new tools. Google Buzz: On each page you should notice a button to access and use Google Buzz. Assuming you are a user […]

Public speaking?

During the past few months, I have been honored by my friends at the Parker Family History Center; they have expressed interest in having me speak at numerous genealogy groups with which they are involved including the Parker Genealogy Group, the Colorado Genealogical Society and the Parker LDS Family History Center. Presentations Completed & Downloadable […]

Alert! Chrome & Tweets

Chrome, to my knowledge, does not ‘yet’ support reading DJVU files.  I have looked up and down for a plugin without any success.  If you are using Chrome on this site this deficiency will make reading documents difficult. Should you know of a way to read DJVU files in Chrome please share that with us […]

Database Problems

I apologize for the Database Connection Errors you may have been getting.  The problem is with our site control panel.  Our host is working to fix the problem.  I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Deyo genealogy

Based on data and input I have received from various people, I believe I have traced  and documented a “plausible” genealogy for the Joseph Deo family leading back to France in the late 1600s. If anyone is interested in reviewing the tree and commenting on what I have pieced together, please contact me.

They went to war…

In addition to Luise and Erich Senger who both served in the Deutsche Luftwaffe during World War 2, numerous friends and family members of the Senger family were either inducted into or volunteered for German military service. The fortunate “souls” survived the war. Below are the photos of those we have in our collection. If […]

Does anyone know Tommy?

Tommy was an English war prisoner who spent most of World War 2 working on the Senger family farm in Zeyervorderkampen. He was originally captured by German forces at Dunkirk in 1940 and he spent more than 4 years of the war working on and about the Senger farm.  As you might gather from the […]

“Photo” Enhancements

Getting a good picture from an aged image is crucial to developing and maintaining a good family history.  Unfortunately as you look around ManyRoads, you’ll notice countless images that ought to be fixed.  Aside from being a tad lazy, the skills required to accomplish this effort are significant and confusing.

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